SORCE Intranet success programme

Helping you get the most from your intranet

Intranet Success Programme

Expert advice, tools and training when you need it

Here at SORCE we have always prided ourselves on the great relationships we have with our clients. Working with you to create an intranet that delivers results and providing ongoing support and development is what makes our job so rewarding.

When you purchase our Engage intranet software, you also become a valued member of our Success Programme which gives your business ongoing access to a host of support, tools and training to ensure continual intranet success.

Our intranet success team

Samantha Lawrence

Intranet Success Manager

Samantha has over 7 years’ intranet experience and is here to help you get the most out of your intranet and keep you up to date through our client portal.

Nick Horne

Intranet Success Manager

Nick has an established career as a Success Manager and is passionate about helping you to ensure your intranet is the best it can be. He is keen to ensure that all our clients have measurable criteria to benchmark their intranets success and exceeds at helping clients ensure their intranet reflects their changing business needs.

SORCE Intranet Success Programme

SORCE intranet success programme

Just as your intranet is tailored to your own unique business needs, so are your intranet success objectives

Our team will meet with you and discuss your overall business objectives and how your intranet can support these. We will then work with you to develop your own intranet success objectives and provide you with a range of support, tools and training to help you achieve them.

What does intranet success look like?

We believe intranet success is based upon 5 factors: Communication, Engagement, Knowledge Management, Business Process Improvement, Strategy and Vision.

Our success team will work with you to create measurable objectives that reflect each of these key areas and support you need to achieve them.

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