Stage 1: Learn

Helping your business understand what your intranet could achieve

Intranet education

We can help expand your knowledge of intranets and raise awareness of your intranets capabilities. Experience of working with many different types and sizes of organisations proves the value of taking time to ensure that your Senior Management team and key intranet stakeholders have the same level of understanding.  Ensuring your team have a good level of intranet awareness can really add value when it comes to scoping out your intranet requirements and it can also save time and money as your project progresses.

Proven methods

We can spend time with you to define your exact requirements and would then suggest a range of options that may include:

  • Mini on-site workshops
  • Drop in sessions for Senior Management
  • Whole team intranet awareness sessions
  • Intranet Masterclass (2 day training course)



Intranet demo

We would love to show you our outstanding intranet software. Book a demonstration with one of out intranet experts.


Intranet knowledge

If you are new to intranets, looking for intranet software or simply wanting to learn best practices, our videos and guides are invaluable.

Find out how we can help you

If you need some help with your intranet project, need some fresh ideas or would like us to audit your intranet, fill out your details and one of our experts will be in touch within 24 hours.