Stage 3: Function

Helping you define your intranet requirements and focus on structure

Defining your intranet functionality

Understanding how your business will use your intranet and what your end users need from an intranet and bringing this together to create your intranet specification can be overwhelming. We can help you identify your intranet’s key functions and requirements and prioritise them, culminating in the delivery of your intranet specification document.

Proven methods

If this is something your business needs, we would spend time with you defining your exact requirements and would then suggest some options that may include:

  • Understanding user experience (UX) training
  • Creating your intranet site map
  • Creating a prototype of your intranet
  • Support in testing your intranet structure



Intranet consultancy

Whether you are embarking on a brand new intranet project or delivering new efficiencies within your existing intranet, our intranet experts are here to help.


Intranet knowledge

If you are new to intranets, looking for intranet software or simply wanting to learn best practices, our videos and guides are invaluable.

Find out how we can help you

If you need some help with your intranet project, need some fresh ideas or would like us to audit your intranet, fill out your details and one of our experts will be in touch within 24 hours.