Stage 4: Form

Bringing your intranet to life

Creating your intranet design

Being able to clearly define your intranet design and branding is really important. Design and user experience are areas that need to have clarity and reflect your vision for your intranet.  We can help you identify what your key design requirements are in terms of branding, user experience and user of colour and help you create your intranet design brief.

Proven methods

If this is something your business needs, we would spend time with you defining your exact requirements and would then suggest some options or methods to achieve this which may include:

  • Intranet naming workshop/brainstorm session
  • Intranet design workshop to help uncover requirements and achieve common vision
  • Work with you to create your creative brief
  • Creating design prototype
  • Usability workshops to help raise awareness of the importance of accessibility and colour

How this is delivered is entirely up to you and your team’s location and available time.


Intranet training

We run a variety of intranet related training courses to help share best practice and to make sure your organisation is getting the best out of your intranet.


Intranet knowledge

If you are new to intranets, looking for intranet software or simply wanting to learn best practices, our videos and guides are invaluable.

Find out how we can help you

If you need some help with your intranet project, need some fresh ideas or would like us to audit your intranet, fill out your details and one of our experts will be in touch within 24 hours.