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Justifying your intranets worth

During this 30 minute webinar our Managing Director, John Nicklin will be talking about the importance and types of Return on Investment (ROI) and some real life examples. We will look at the different types of ROI, aligning your business objectives, identifying objectives and then look at some real-life examples.

How your intranet can help you work from home

During this 25 minute webinar, we will explore the different ways in which your intranet could help you work from home over the coming weeks. We will look at ways in which you can keep doing your job and still feel connected when out of the office.

Understanding your Office 365 intranet options [part 1]

This 45 minute webinar will focus on standalone intranets which integrate with the best bits of Office 365. This solution could offer the best of both worlds for companies that do not have lots of technical resources in place to support the intranet project, but still want to maximise the benefits of applications like OneDrive, Planner and Teams.

Understanding your Office 365 intranet options [part 2]

This 45 minute webinar will focus on intranets which are based on Office 365, which therefore offer tighter integration with SharePoint and the full Office 365 suite. This solution may be better for companies which have a strategy to fully align themselves with Microsoft technologies and utilise SharePoint extensively.

Business Continuity Portal tour

After the launch of our Engage Business Continuity Portal, a quick set-up solution for you to share critical information and updates with your employees, we wanted to offer you some more guidance and advice. In this 20 minute webinar Jeremy Stewart talks through the Engage Business Continuity Portal, answer any questions and give you a detailed tour of the new solution.

Engage Health & Wellbeing Portal

During this 30 minute webinar, we will explore the different ways in which your intranet can support your employees health & wellbeing during these challenging times.

How your intranet can support your return to work plan

This 30 minute webinar looks at how your intranet can help support and focus everyone in delivering an effective long term return to work plan for your organisation.

Housing Association Intranet Summit Part 1

The 1st of our 2 part webinar series for our unique Housing Association Intranet Summit for SORCE clients and Housing professionals. This 45 minute session, hosted by Richard Collingwood from Riverside Housing and our very own Jeremy Stewart, is packed full of industry insight, knowledge sharing and the chance to see some of the best Housing Association intranets in action.

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