The best of both

SharePoint content with powerful intranet software

Seamless integration with SharePoint and your Engage intranet

Our flexible intranet solution will enable you to deliver the best of both worlds; a tried and tested intranet product, which seamlessly integrates with your SharePoint repositories. This means that you can benefit from the powerful document management capabilities of SharePoint, without having the cost or overhead of implementing and maintaining a SharePoint intranet.

Quick deployment

With our powerful ready-made intranet applications we can provide your workforce with the tools to get sharing content and knowledge in a matter of days.

Our flexible intranet platform connects to your existing SharePoint content and delivers a seamless experience to your staff.

So whether they are on the road, in the office or working from home, business information can be centralised, quickly giving staff the tools to help them do their job.


Lower cost of ownership

Unlike SharePoint alone, your Engage intranet can be managed without needing costly SharePoint developers.

We provide you with ready-made intranet applications that can be tailored within Engage to meet the needs of your business processes. What’s more, you can use this application development environment to create your own applications, from simple forms to complex workflows that redefine the way you business works.

Great end user experience

SharePoint is often described as difficult to manage, particularly for non-technical individuals. Integrating SharePoint with our easy-to-use intranet software enables your business to be in complete control, without needing to involve IT.

Using our SharePoint integration you get real-time access to your SharePoint content seamlessly displayed within your intranet. The empowering intranet user experience extends to your mobile as your Engage intranet is responsive, as the intranet experience adapts to the device you are using.



“If I were to describe the (Engage) SharePoint Connector it would be “Ubiquitous Software”. It’s everywhere, all the time and nobody notices, which is what makes it a success in my eyes.”

SharePoint integration with Engage Intranet Software

See for yourself

Download our Integrating Engage Intranet with Microsoft SharePoint guide and discover everything you need to know about our ability to integrate with SharePoint.

Complete with our flexible intranet functionality


Powerful intranet applications

Complete with easy-to-use intranet applications that improve internal communication and help staff get work done.


Grows with your needs

As your objectives change so does your intranet. We help you create or adapt our applications to suit the way that you work.


Connects to your business systems

Extend your intranet to include information from across your organisation bringing KPIs and external content directly to your staff.

See our intranet software in action

Book a demo with one of our intranet experts and let us show you what makes our software great.