Pilot your Engage intranet

Pilot your Engage intranet

If you want to get your intranet project off the ground and are keen to engage your end users, why not create a pilot?

In as little as 4 weeks, you could have a fully functioning Engage intranet pilot. It’s a low risk and low-cost way of enabling you and your colleagues to fully immerse yourself in Engage and to pilot the functionality, capability and structure your business really needs from your intranet.

It’s a great starting point for anyone who wants to gather feedback and use measurable results to shape their intranet.

What’s included

Your Engage pilot will create a scaled down intranet for you. Included in the trial is:

Requirements gathering workshop

Training to get you up and running

Design time to implement simple site branding

A taste of the intranet success programme

How to get the most out of your pilot

Before your intranet pilot begins, SORCE will work with you to establish what you would like to get out of the pilot and help you set some measurable goals.

We have created a unique implementation methodology which has proven successful with hundreds of clients and we would take you through a condensed journey with us, to help you establish your intranet strategy and user requirements.

During the pilot, we will work with you to monitor your intranet’s performance and support you in gathering constructive qualitative feedback to help shape your intranet further.

Since your pilot is agile and ultimately evolves to become your comprehensive intranet, there is no differentiation between a pilot and your final intranet. When your pilot ends, your full intranet evolves from this. We will be here to help you through this transition and to role out your full intranet.

Pilot your Engage intranet software
Pilot your Engage intranet software

Is a pilot right for you?

Testing the water and gathering real end-user feedback

For many businesses, a new intranet is a big decision and its remit is constantly evolving as the way we work changes. A pilot is a great way of testing the water and gathering real end-user feedback and see if your preferred intranet is right for your business.

Our clients feedback that their pilot helped facilitate senior management buy-in and secure continual development budget for future years as everyone could see the real business benefits a SORCE Engage intranet could deliver.

To find out more about our pilot scheme and whether it’s right for you, please get in touch.

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