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Instantly connect with colleagues

Engage mobile app

Instantly connect with colleagues through your intranet using the Engage mobile app

Our Engage Mobile App enables you to instantly connect with colleagues that are not office based. Everyone in your organisation can now access your intranet content at a time that suits them quickly, simply and securely from their mobile device, without having to remember user names and passwords.

With our Engage Mobile App you can receive instant updates, connect with your colleagues from anywhere and access all the latest news, information, documentation through your mobile device.

One time secure set up

Never miss a notification again

Our one time secure set up and pairing process means it keeps you logged in and you only ever have to login once to sync your mobile to your intranet account, which means you never need to provide your username and password. Once set up you are automatically logged in and will never miss a notification again.

You can lock down your access to your mobile app by using a PIN as well as bio-metric authentication such as a fingerprint or face ID. Your intranet administrators also have the right to enforce this for all app users.

You can also manage all paired devices in the intranet, so you can quickly remove any lost or stolen devices.

Communication on the move


Create and share content with colleagues wherever you are. Our Engage Mobile App enables remote workers around the globe to create and share content on the move. Whether you are a stable hand, a lorry driver or Director, you can collaborate with your colleagues anywhere using our mobile app.


Our mobile app keeps you up to date with all of the latest content from your intranet with regular notifications of new content as well as colleague interactions. The app will notify you of document changes and if you want to keep colleagues in the loop with a microblog, simply mention them and they will receive a notification to join the conversation.

Transform your internal communication

Easy to use

Our App gives you full access to all your intranet content through our responsive user interface.

You can access your intranet with its current structure, content and branding in a responsive manner, meaning you get the best of your intranet on any device. As well as content, you can access all your intranet and business process applications from any device.


Once you have downloaded and paired our mobile app, you are always logged in, so you won’t miss out on important information. No need to remember passwords and usernames to access content.

Engage mobile app

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