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Our Engage intranet software enables you to create the secure intranet solution your firm needs. Our legal clients, many of whom are featured in the top 100, chose SORCE and our Engage intranet software because of our ability to tailor our software to your business, rather than you needing to adapt your business processes to your software. Our intranet security, document management and restricted access are second to none and you can brand and design your intranet to reflect your business.

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Files and folders are only seen by those who have permission to access them

Law firms handle highly sensitive and confidential information and the safety of such information is paramount. Therefore, knowing that such classified data is entirely safe and secure from unauthorised personnel is crucial. A legal intranet must adopt strong cyber security, utilising a multi-layered approach with up-to-date encryption software and malware protection to ensure infrastructure, endpoints, mobile devices and internet connections are all adequately protected.

Restricted access

Display documents targeted to a specific audience

Display documents targeted to a specific audience

Document management is integrated into our content targeting engine so that documents can be targeted at a specific group within your intranet. Targeting provides relevant content to your intranet audience so that documents are shown to those that need to see them.


“Our intranet is a living breathing source of information… it is a dedicated resource for all information and knowledge across all departments within the organisation.”


Document management

Your organisation’s files are stored in an intuitive folder structure

Rather than having multiple sources of information and document management databases, all information can instead be stored on one platform on the intranet making important documentation much easier to retrieve. The intranet can be the central repository for all relevant case law, precedents, legislation and law review articles. It can be structured and organised to reflect the business of the law firm.

An advanced search functionality can also be implemented to ensure that staff members can quickly locate the information they require. Filters enable users to narrow down their search and they also provide ways to search for relevant results even if the user is unsure of exactly what they are searching for.

In addition, this section of the intranet can be quickly and easily updated, a feature that is ideal for accommodating a large influx of documentation and the ever-changing nature of legal instruments. As such, employees can be confident the information they are accessing is the most up to date and relevant.

Remote access and responsive design

Legal firms rarely operate on a typical 9 to 5 office based working day. Instead employees will have to travel to client meetings, work late and from home. An intranet provides secure access to the company site and all documentation from any location. Similarly, responsive design functionality enables webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser being used. This ensures that even when content is being viewed on a small phone screen the content will adapt to fit the screen providing an easy and professional reading experience.

“DMH Direct has enabled us to strengthen our relationships that we have with our best clients. We’ve improved the service we offer significantly and as a direct result we have won new business from those clients.”

Richard Pollins, Managing Partner
DMH Stallard

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