Engage document management

Fast, efficient and secure document control

For many organisations, efficient and secure document storage is at the heart of their intranet

Our robust intranet document management application has been used across the world to help organisations store documents that are important to their business. It comes packed with convenient features designed to make managing your documents easier.

Access control

Files and folders are only seen by those who have permission to access them

Our intranet document management makes it easy for you to manage your documents and folders restricting access by groups or individuals. If employee handbooks were different for office and manual workers access control could be used to only show the relevant document to each group.

Content targeting

Display documents targeted to a specific audience

Document management is integrated into our content targeting engine so that documents can be targeted at a specific group within your intranet. Targeting provides relevant content to your intranet audience so that documents are shown to those that need to see them.

Folder structure

Your organisation’s files are stored in an intuitive folder structure

Engage’s document management allows your colleagues to store their documents in a folder structure chosen by the business or by your users. Storing documents this way means that you can separate out content and provide staff access to the parts that are relevant to them. Each department can have their own set of folders only accessible to them as well as folders shared with the whole business. It’s all flexible and can easily be changed to suit the way your business works.



Document shortcuts

Avoid document duplication with dynamic shortcuts

There may be times when you want to make your documents available in two different places in your document management. To avoid duplication (and those forgotten outdated files that go with it) our dynamic shortcuts are here to help out. Document shortcuts enable you to link to any file in your document management so that you can always access the latest version. It also preserves any access control, which means that the link will only be shown to those who have permission to see the original.


Filter your search to see just the type of document you are interested in

Documents can be sorted into categories to quickly give you access when you know what type of file you are looking for. Categories can be configured to suit your business so you can group your documents by department, project, client, policies or procedures – however you like.



Revision control

Track and manage changes made to your documentation

Revision control is a powerful way of managing changes to documents that are contributed to your intranet. Files can be checked in and out with minor or major revisions recorded in an audit trail of changes. Revision control keeps full copies of major changes to content so that they can be rolled back at a later date. Not only is this useful if you need to keep detailed records of changes to your files but provides a useful backup should you accidentally overwrite your document.

Automatically convert documents to PDF for fast viewing *

Converting documents to PDF enables document preview in your search results. Documents can be previewed to make sure you have the correct one without needing to download the entire file (especially good if you are working with large documents). Converting to PDF also prevents people editing your documents, great for policies and procedures. Issuing a PDF doesn’t leave you with lots of duplicate files, as when the original document is updated the PDF is as well. It is also permission controlled enabling you to give access to the original to a select few while making the PDF freely available.

* PDF conversion requires a third party plugin


Mandatory read

Ensure important documents are read by your colleagues

Ensure important documents are read by your colleagues

Mandatory read is a useful feature that makes sure staff read certain key documents on your intranet. Document management notifies them of the document and asks users to confirm they have read this. As the document contributor you will see a report that shows who has and hasn’t read your document yet. This gives you documented evidence that content like policies and procedures have been read and allows you to chase up those who are yet to acknowledge.

Document approvals

Get document sign-off before your content is released

Get document sign-off before your content is released

The approval process can be used to allow an individual or a group to approve documents before they are released on your intranet. Using document approvals gives you the option of vetting content, particularly content that may be legally sensitive or may be subsequently released externally. Approvals can be made by an individual, a whole group or by just one of the members in a team depending on the needs of your business.



Advanced search

Quickly find relevant content with in-depth search options

The document search looks within the content of your files to find your most relevant results. It looks at Meta information such as the documents name, author, and category even the folder the document is in alongside the content to bring back your search results. It intelligently orders the results to make sure it shows the best matches at the very top, helping you get to your content quickly.


Capable of managing millions of documents

Our document management application has been tried and tested over many years in many different organisations; within both an intranet and an extranet and to manage millions of documents. As part of Engage it can be deployed over different time zones and multiple servers (it also works nicely in a single office too)

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