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Engage intranet at the core of your business

We believe your intranet should be at the heart of your business; securely providing employees access to knowledge while reducing silos of information. Integrating with your other business systems, Engage seamlessly brings this information direct to your employee’s. Integration can come in many forms, from a simple link to another business application to full exchange of data. Our intranet experts will suggest which approach is right for you.


Linking outside your intranet

The simplest form of intranet integration is to link outside your intranet. This uses the inbuilt security and access control to provide links appropriate to the job role or individual user.

An example of this could be displaying google maps showing office or people locations relevant to the user. On your intranet homepage the marketing team would see an RSS feed from the Chartered Institute of Marketing while someone in the HR team would see an RSS feed from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Secure links to business systems

A step further is to provide a secure link to your other business systems. Integrating in this way users will have a seamless experience when navigating between both tools without needing to log in.

One of the ways this has been used is to provide direct links from the intranet to employee reward schemes. As the intranet knows who you are it securely shares this with the reward provider who can then show you your personal rewards without you needing to remember your password.

This type of integration isn’t just one way. In addition to Microsoft Active Directory and ADFS, Engage can support Open ID and Oauth authentication methods. These open standards mean that your intranet can be linked with your corporate Google mail (or other tools using these authentication methods), logging into one will give you secure, seamless access to all.


Bringing information from around your business

Arguably the most powerful form of integration is to bring real time information from other business systems and display this within your intranet. Some of the best uses of this type of integration is to display KPIs or management reports to key individuals within your organisation.

This two way exchange of data can be used to share sales figures with the sales and marketing teams, HR information to line managers or even SharePoint documents with staff across your organisation. It could even save you money as you may not need the same quantity of full licences to third party products if you are showing data in this way.

Access control

Whatever type of intranet integration you use, all information is access controlled meaning that users will only ever see the information they are allowed.

While we have highlighted a number of intranet integration examples here, in actual fact our intranet software is so flexible that it can integrate with any system or tool with open authentication methods.

We have experience integrating our intranet product with a wide variety of different business tools. Working with you, our experienced consultants will assess your objectives and deliver a solution to meet your needs.



“Our intranet, NICE Space, brings a sense of community across different teams, offices and individuals. They like that lots of the content is relevant to them and their work.”

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