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Enabling you to achieve intranet longevity

Our clients are looking for long term intranet software solutions and our unique application development environment delivers this. We recognise that your intranet needs to evolve as your business grows, so we have built our software with this at its core.

Inbuilt application development to grow your intranet

 Engage’s, flexible application development environment enables you to use your in-house resources to deliver process improvements well beyond our out of the box intranet applications. Not only does this offer huge potential cost savings over purchasing third party products, it also improves the return on investment in your intranet software.



Enhance your intranet applications

The simplest use of the Engage application development environment is to create simple forms, for example to place a stationery order to head office, or for a staff suggestion scheme.

Alerts can easily be generated to alert people when a new form is submitted, and views can be generated to show all of the data gathered within the forms. Should you wish the data can easily be exported to CSV format too.

Improving your business processes

More complex use of the capabilities enable approval processes to be added to your intranet applications, along with detailed reports and data transfer mechanisms.

Examples of such applications include those for managing HR processes, such as staff absence requests or appraisal processes.


Easy to use, even for non-techies

You don’t necessarily need to be an experienced developer to use the Engage application development environment. Our 2 day training course will introduce you to the skills and techniques available to create a new application from scratch. The Engage application development environment is unique in offering your staff all of the capabilities used by our Professional Services team. Many clients become self-sufficient in developing their intranets without the need for any consultancy costs.

If your staff have skills in JavaScript, CSS or .NET, they can enhance Engage applications even further, giving an even greater return on your investment.

“Engage is one my favourite products to work with, and one of only few that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to other organisations. Engage has been an invaluable platform for developing applications that have become integral to our business.”

David Thompson, Operations Director
Santa Maria

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