Engage 365 Admin Tool

The ultimate SharePoint designer tool for SharePoint on-line and SharePoint on-premise

It’s simple

Engage 365 Digital Workplace Intranet Software from SORCE


Our Engage 365 admin tool configures enables you to create compelling Digital Workplaces based on Office 365 and SharePoint without any coding, in record time.​

Engage 365 Digital Workplace Intranet Software from SORCE


With our Engage 365 admin tool, deploy and update your sites in a few clicks.

Engage 365 Digital Workplace Intranet Software from SORCE


Engage 365 is a ready-made and customisable Digital Workplace that is built on top of the Office 365.

Go beyond an out-of-the-box intranet

Create your Digital Workplace in a few clicks

Our Engage 365 Admin tool enables IT departments to design and deploy SharePoint templates and structures without any coding in order to build any kind of communication and collaborative workplaces.

Fast Deployment with Engage 365 Digital Workplace Intranet Software

It’s fast

Deploy your Digital Workplace in less than one month with the Engage 365 admin tool.

Personalised experience with Engage 365 Digital Workplace Intranet Software

It’s personalised

Design your Office 365 intranet the way you want. Engage 365 adapts to your company brand.

Evergreen Engage 365 Digital Workplace Intranet Sotware

It’s evergreen

Bring your collaborative intranet to life with the latest Office 365 features and Engage 365 innovations.

Engage 365 does what you need it to do

You want to get the most out of the standard SharePoint features and go a step further:

  • Build your communication sites, team sites, hub sites and groups templates without any coding
  • Share them across the company with the SharePoint site design feature
  • Update your templates and existing sites in a simple click
  • Personalise your experience Engage 365

You want to extend the standard features of SharePoint with your own development and customisations:

  • Let your developers focus on what matters: your business needs! Free them from the demanding and time consuming deployment and configuration steps required by SharePoint
  • Our admin tool is fully compliant with the SharePoint Framework. Upload your .sppkg packages in our admin tool, activate your web parts, extensions, header and footer design wherever you want in your templates
  • Our Engage 365 admin tool also supports SharePoint add-ins and standard JavaScript components

You want to accelerate rapid deployment and benefit from our experience in building Intranets and Digital Workplaces:

  • Our admin tool includes more than 30+ web parts available in the SharePoint modern experience and Publishing sites covering all aspect of Office 365 features
  • You can choose from our 20+ ready-made site templates
Engage 365 Digital Workplace Intranet Software from SORCE

Always stay aligned with SharePoint evolutions and drive your projects simply!

Our Engage 365 admin tool allows you to get the control and adapt your portal easily as your business changes

Users always benefit from a compelling portal with all the latest updates.

Get the requirements

Build your portal

Run your workshops and adjust

Go live

Evolve over time

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