Easily find the right information

Information at your fingertips

Easily find the information you need to get work done with full SharePoint and Delve integration. Get the best search experience with a clean design, extended integration and refined filter features. Find documents, sites, people, images, video, news and more, faster. Target content across the intranet based on a user profile, interests and preferences.

Search Centre

Customise and advanced search and filter system with user-friendly display.

Content Targeting

Filter results based on a user’s profile properties, preferences and permissions.


Automatic suggestion to make your search easier and faster.

People Search

Find co workers by different kinds of search queries and get quick access to detailed profile cards.

Multi-Service Search

Get results across the platform with different file types with SharePoint search feature and Delve.

Powell 365


Powell Software provides more than technology. Remove all the hassles of building an intranet from scratch with our Powell 365 out-of-the-box intranet. Pick and choose your intranet features and integrate them into our pre-made page templates. Turn on your ready-made intranet packed with rich features and focus on driving communication, collaboration and productivity.