Personal Board

A personalised home base for each employee

My activities in one place

Create a business productivity board that targets each individual employee. Bring together the most important tools and information that each employee needs to work productively, such as viewing emails and calendar items. Create a seamless experience with consistent design that enables user productivity and efficiency by unifying the best of Office365 in one place.

Access Your Content

Leverage Delve Intelligence to surface relevant content. Access your recent content, shared content and OneDrive content from one place.

Easy Collaboration

Access and interact with your Teams, Groups and Planner tasks. Drive collaboration and enhance the productivity with our interactive connectors.

Seamless Integration

Apply consistent design, and integrated functionality that improves the user experience and overall adoption.

Highlight Corporate News

Communicate information using the best of SharePoint content management like tags, content scheduling, target and secured content.

Powell 365


Powell Software provides more than technology. Remove all the hassles of building an intranet from scratch with our Powell 365 out-of-the-box intranet. Pick and choose your intranet features and integrate them into our pre-made page templates. Turn on your ready-made intranet packed with rich features and focus on driving communication, collaboration and productivity.