Events Hub

Keep track of company events, conferences and training sessions

Event logistics in one place

Keep all employees in the know when you plan, manage and promote events within a Powell 365 intranet. Create and connect events to SharePoint Calendars and Outlook. Design a clear and visually pleasing events hub that links multiple calendars. Make it interactive and fun with likes, comments and sharing features. Add notifications so that employees are kept up to date.

events hub Powell 365 intranet with SORCE
Events hub Powell 365 intranet SORCE

Integrate Employees

Help employees stay on top of up company-wide events, dates and logistics.

Manage Details

Edit and update event dates, information and images at any moment from your browser.

Follow Events

Track events that are important to you. Get notifications for new events or updates.

Powell 365


Powell Software provides more than technology. Remove all the hassles of building an intranet from scratch with our Powell 365 out-of-the-box intranet. Pick and choose your intranet features and integrate them into our pre-made page templates. Turn on your ready-made intranet packed with rich features and focus on driving communication, collaboration and productivity.