About this app

The Engage mobile application has been created by SORCE to enable you to get the best mobile experience from your Engage intranet.

Your intranet administrator may need to take steps to allow this app to function correctly, if you have issues please contact your intranet administrator for assistance in the first instance.


To use the mobile application, you must link it to your Engage user account.

Log into your Engage account from a desktop device navigate to the Device management page (usually found in the “I want to” menu). Select “Add device” at the top of the page and either scan the QR code shown, or you may manually enter the details provided.

Once the app is linked to your account, you will begin to receive any new notifications and be able to browse the intranet without needing to re-authenticate.

For more information, visit our website https://www.sorce.co.uk/intranet-software/engage/mobile-application/