Yusen Case Study

SORCE’s Engage user interface has positive impact on employee engagement

The Mission

To create an intranet for collaboration and cross team working  with social elements, for approximately 700 staff and disparate home workers. Looking
to develop an adaptable and future proofed site that they would be able to extend and develop going forwards.

“Using the latest Engage user interface we have created iConnect. The site is a huge improvement for us; it looks great, is modern and user friendly. The content is much easier to read and the site is much easier to navigate. Things are now also much easier from an admin point of view. Each department is now able to add their own content which is fantastic; it ensures that the site is kept up to date as content is constantly being updated and refreshed. iConnect is a brilliant site that has massively improved employee engagement and brought together the whole organisation including our remote workers”.

– Paul Davis, IT Support

The Solution

Yusen Logistics worked with SORCE to relaunch their intranet; using the latest Engage interface they have created a highly engaging, user friendly, modern site that everyone is fully connected with. The site, aptly named iConnect, is now the go to place for all company news, department updates and news from the Chairman.

One of the driving forces to success is clear governance made possible by new technology. iConnect is a large, dynamic site with all departments across the organisation contributing to its success. There are department pages for HR, Finance, IT, Health and Safety, Project Management, Logistics plus lots more. Each department has been given responsibility for their own pages. The new Engage interface has made this possible because it is now so much easier to administer. Content contributors are now able to administer their own areas with little training and no technical knowledge. As a result the content on the site is up to date and relevant.

Another key factor for success has been the positive influence of the Chairman of Yusen Logistics UK who has fully supported iConnect from launch. His enthusiasm for the site has filtered down from the top through to all staff. He personally writes and publishes a blog once a month which is informative, creative and easy to read. This commitment from a senior stakeholder is invaluable and will only ever strengthen employee engagement at any organisation.

iConnect is also helping to improve social engagement; Yusen Logistics UK organised a family fun day for the whole organisation to be involved in, they managed the entire event using iConnect. All event details were available online leading up to the day and stories and photos were uploaded afterwards. This is not something that has been attempted in the past and was really well received by all.

The introduction of kiosks in driver receptions at distribution depots means that everyone now has access iConnect. Remote workers who wouldn’t have previously had access so easily to company news and updates are now far more engaged and feel connected to the wider organisation.

Within the Engage application development environment the IT team at Yusen Logistics UK have created their own vehicle tracking system. The application is used nationwide to track the movements of thousands of lorries and drivers. Driver details including photographs are all stored within the application along with lorry arrival times, release times and movements within the depots. The application has saved an enormous amount of time and collates vital information for many reasons from health and safety to security.

The Result

Yusen Logistics UK have created a fresh, modern, user friendly site that everyone across the organisation is fully engaged with. Each department is proud of their page and ensure that content is keep up to date, is relevant, informative and engaging.

iConnect has brought together a huge mobile workforce in one central location. Drivers have access to iConnect at depots so they now have access to all of the same information as employees at head office. All contacts within iConnect now have a photo against them which has helped with putting a name to a face which always helps in an organisation with a large mobile workforce.

Yusen Logistics Engage Intranet Case Study


Client: Yusen Logistics
Employees: 2000
Location: UK
Industry: Logistics

Client profile

Yusen Logistics (UK) offers complete supply chain solutions utilising high quality infrastructure, modern facilities and proven I.T. systems to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. This infrastructure has been developed to support and cultivate a ‘can do’ approach to offering supply chain solutions  within specific market sectors and services, as well as providing all the general logistics services.