VIVID Case Study

Sentinel follows The Journey to a successful SORCE Intranet and has fun along the way

The Mission

To develop a new intranet using the latest in Engage technology to replace an existing SORCE site.

To bring together all of their staff across multiple locations, following a merger between two organisations.

To develop an engaging, dynamic and informative intranet that provides one central location for documents and policies, employee contact information, company news, social engagement plus lots more.

The Solution

Introducing VIV, the new Engage intranet at VIVID. It is the ‘go-to’ place for all employee needs.

They wanted the new site to be as personable as possible with its own identity and the name VIV was chosen following a naming competition that all staff were able to get involved with.

The launch of VIV took place on the day that the two organisations merged to create VIVID. A treasure hunt around the site helped to encourage staff to engage with VIV and familiarise themselves from day one.

VIV is a vital platform for communicating corporate information as well as providing a central location for social engagement. The site is full of dynamic and engaging content and has been well received by all staff across the organisation.

Communications throughout the business are now much more efficient and now that all-staff emails have been replaced with news articles on the intranet, people’s inboxes aren’t being bombarded with information that’s not relevant to them.

“Everyone, including mobile workers, can now see real-time company news, share comments and find information in one central location. We add around 10 news articles a week, as there’s a lot going on and staff love the way they can now easily ‘like’ articles and share their feedback.”

– Alex Hooker, Communications Business Partner

The Executive team now write blogs and publish them on the intranet. These bi-weekly blogs are proving to be very popular and are a great way of keeping everyone up to date with news directly from the senior management team.

A ‘Log a Visitor’ application has been developed within Engage, to link to their reception kiosk. Staff can log the details of their visitor prior to their arrival, so once they arrive and sign in at the kiosk, an automated email alert is sent to let them know they have arrived. This fantastic application is saving lots of time across the business.

Project pages have been created within VIV, so staff are now able to access information about projects that are specific to their own interests and involvement. Each project page has its own microblog which is great for asking questions or sharing updates.

The business social network, Yammer, has been integrated onto the homepage. This is providing a social engagement element, keeps everyone connected and allows everyone to share work or social posts.

“Being able to integrate Engage with Yammer is great because we can utilise its powerful social functionality whilst staying connected in one central location.”

– Alex Hooker, Communications Business Partner

Documents and policies are now all on the intranet, so it is now much quicker and easier to search for and find the information you are looking for. Document version control and the functionality to alert staff of mandatory reads is regularly used throughout the whole organisation.

VIVID is using the Frequently Asked Questions application, which the IT team is finding particularly useful, as they tend to get asked the same questions lots of times. Now they are a large business, the improved contact search functionality is also saving staff time. It is very helpful to be able to easily search for someone, see their photograph and contact details.

The Result

Using the latest in Engage technology, VIVID have created a fresh, modern and effective intranet that is informative, social and integral to the daily lives of all employees across the organisation.

“VIV is a huge success and will continue to provide essential company information, the sharing of ideas and social networking to everyone across the whole organisation. VIV played a major part in bringing staff together from two separate organisations, across multiple locations following our merger. Having VIV in place from the beginning made it so much easier to get to know new people and share information.”

– Alex Hooker, Communications Business Partner


Client: VIVID
Employees: 850
Location: South East England
Industry: Housing Association

Client profile

VIVID is Hampshire’s largest provider of affordable homes.

They have around 70,000 customers and own and manage 30,000 homes in the South East, mainly across Hampshire and Surrey. And have around 850 staff including 300 in their repairs team and their own construction arm, VIVID Build.

As a strong regional housing association, VIVID have a clearly defined social purpose to build more homes and make them affordable for everyone. They have plans to build at least 1,200 new homes a year across all tenures, making them a major builder of new homes amongst UK housing associations. Their homes are located across 20 local authorities.

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