South Central Ambulance Service Case Study

SORCE brings together a large 24/7 mobile workforce

The Mission

To create an intranet with the aim of bringing together over 3,000 staff, including a large mobile workforce and many different operational locations across a geographical footprint. SCAS needed a central location to store contact information, documents, for knowledge sharing and to improve social engagement. The intranet needed to be mobile friendly, the introduction of tablets in the ambulances provided the opportunity for SCAS to provide a truly companywide intranet for the first time.

The Solution

The initial research and planning that took place in the early phases of the intranet project has led to the creation of an engaging, social, user friendly, business critical solution that everyone relies on for information sharing within the Trust.

Valuable time was spent researching individual and team requirements. These important findings were then used as the basis for the site content and design. The intranet is now without doubt embedded into the SCAS community both as a business critical solution and an online social environment for all staff regardless of location or working shift pattern.

The intranet is packed full of dynamic content. One of the first crucial areas developed within the site was the staff directory and organisational charts. Integrated with the Trust’s Active Directory, the application has been developed to record not just standard contact details but everyone’s line managers and their managers, building a searchable hierarchy. Their skills and interests are also recorded. This is of great benefit to SCAS employees as they now have the ability to search for any of these terms and find experts quickly and easily in specific fields.

Employees also each have their own photo within their profile, so it’s now much easier to put a face to a name. There are lots of people working remotely across different locations so this application works brilliantly for SCAS. A huge amount of time has also been saved as changes are no longer manually recorded in documents.

Videos are a big part of the SCAS intranet. A fantastically produced video is recorded and published once a quarter from the Chief Executive. The video message works really well at SCAS because it gives the Chief Executive the opportunity to draw attention to specific industry news, changes within the clinical world and to pass on thanks to employees.

Key to keeping employees engaged with relevant information is content targeting. By capturing location information, SCAS has created maps on the site showing where ambulance stations and offices are located. This information is used brilliantly for targeting news stories, calendar events etc. to specific groups, for example call centre staff, road crews or specific offices across the counties. Employees only see information that is relevant to them which gives them a far more personalised experience.

A business critical area within the SCAS site is called ‘Do it online’. This is an area of the intranet where you can easily access lots of crucial services electronically. Links are currently available to systems such as incident reporting and rostering. This area is accessed every day by the majority of employees and saves considerable time as links to the most popular services are one click away and available all in one central location.

SCAS has an online ‘Staff Room’ which is really popular and has helped to improve employee engagement enormously. Everyone is connected through the staff room, no matter what time of day they are working or from which location. Employees can add their own adverts, items for sale, wanted items etc. Employees love the staff photo wall, staff polls and the videos.

Once a week a staff video is also released; these videos are perfect for increasing engagement. They could be full of informative clinical information, providing news from specific teams such as ambulance crews or showcasing a recent event.

New employees are also shown a video from the intranet as part of their induction to the Trust and several training videos are produced and shown in the learning area of the site.

SCAS has a Twitter feed on their homepage showing the ’best bits’ of their Twitter account. This is brilliant for highlighting some of the hundreds of messages of thanks received from the general public to ambulance crews and SCAS employees for the work they do in the community.


SCAS has achieved their mission brilliantly. It is bringing together a large mobile workforce of over 3,000 employees in one central shared location.

Using Engage, SCAS has created a dynamic and scalable intranet based upon a true understanding of employee requirements. The result is an intranet which is used extensively, has increased efficiency, improved employee engagement, is informative, educational and well loved.

A fantastic mutual relationship has been formed between SORCE and SCAS which will continue to grow into the future.

“Having gone through a very long tender process we chose SORCE because we were given the reassurance that they would be there for us at the end of the phone when we needed them, for advice, support and to help with technical queries. We knew that within an hour our support calls would be acknowledged and probably fixed. These are the results that we’ve seen. It wasn’t about who was the cheapest or even about what we could support onsite. What we found from SORCE was a whole complete package, we felt confident that even once we had bought from SORCE we wouldn’t be abandoned”

– Andy Humphries, Web Development and Social Media Manager

South Central Ambulance Service Engage Intranet Software Case Study


Client: South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Employees: 3000+
Location: South central, UK
Industry: Healthcare

Client profile

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) provides traditional 999 emergency services, as well as non-emergency patient transport services, NHS 111 services and logistics, commercial and training services across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire (and Luton and Bedfordshire for NHS 111 only) to a population of over 4 million people.