RSM Case Study

Engage improves engagement, efficiency and business processes at RSM

The Mission

RSM is a powerful network of audit, tax and consulting experts with offices all over the world. As an integrated team, they share skills, insight and resources, as well as a client-centric approach that’s based on a deep understanding of business.

The Solution

The new Engage intranet at RSM, named RSM LINK, is an outstanding site that consists of both standard out of the box functionality and custom features. The site has a modern and fresh feel, the design, which is in line with corporate branding, has been kept clean and simple which is important as the site is packed so full of business critical information.

Quicklinks, which are targeted to specific users, are used extensively across the site to ensure that everyone can access the systems they use on a daily basis quickly and easily. There are links to many different business systems as well as links to lots of SharePoint sites. The transition between RSM LINK and SharePoint is seamless.

“One of our major requirements was to ensure a seamless crossover between RSM LINK and SharePoint where users didn’t have to sign in to two different sites. We worked with the team at SORCE and SharePoint developers to ensure we achieved a perfect transition between the two. Lots of time is being saved across the organisation now that links to all
of our sites and systems are in one place.”

– John Banayo, Digital Marketing Manager

Being a large global organisation, there is inevitably lots of company news and many updates that are being published around the clock. To ensure that users only see the news and updates that are relevant to them, all articles are tagged accordingly. Employees are fully engaged with the content they are receiving as it is now up to date and relevant. The Global News page has replaced a monthly newsletter that was previously sent out via email every month.

The contacts directory within RSM LINK hosts all member CV’s and contact profiles. Being a global network of over 41,000 people, it is vital that contacts can be found easily and quickly. The search facility that has been developed is vast. Global standards have been agreed for terminology across the whole organisation so that you can now search for contacts based on many data fields such as region, country, language or role.

Contact profiles are complete with photographs, individual skills, experience plus lots more. There is a ‘profile completeness score’ which is displayed as a graphic dial with percentages that clearly show how complete a profile is and when it was last updated. Responsibility is given to editors within the organisation to ensure that contact profiles are kept as up to date and accurate as possible. Members are also now taking ownership for their own profiles and CV accuracy.

Directly from contact profiles, employees can download in both Word and pdf format member CV’s, which are in a standard template format. CV’s are then used to complete sales tenders and proposals without the need to change layout or format. There are also direct links to LinkedIn member pages. Previously acquiring CVs was time consuming and frustrating; CV’s had to be requested individually from members around the globe, the format adapted for proposals and accuracy could not be relied upon.

“Without an intranet that could pull together all this information, a lot of which is held in SharePoint, we would not be able to meet proposal deadlines and business would be directly impacted. Our team now have full visibility of the member data they need, they can access it quickly, download CVs at the click of a button and have confidence in data accuracy. Huge amounts of time is being saved and improvements in efficiency are being seen now that we have standard CV templates, processes in place to ensure that data is up to date and even a minimum word count for profiles to ensure profile high quality standards are being met”.

– John Banayo, Digital Marketing Manager

The Brand Centre is a vast portal for all marketing teams to access. With a network spread across 116 countries it is important to ensure brand consistency is maintained. Employees can quickly gain access to all the materials and images they need. Photographs of staff are available here to download, employees can search for images or logos. Everything a designer needs for adverts, printing, digital marketing, brand guidelines, presentations, templates, global tender processes, legal guidelines, external PR details are all available in one location.

There is a big requirement for anyone within the network to be able to create a Team Space for collaboration, knowledge sharing or social purposes. Since the launch of RSM LINK many Team Spaces have been created, some of which are custom built and have multiple pages within their spaces with custom navigation.

An example of a Team Space is one that has been created for the RSM Academy, where members from around the world come together for training events. Training delegates are all invited to be a member of the Team Space, they can keep in touch using a microblog, photos from events can be shared, presentations cam be uploaded. Team Spaces has replaced Project Sites within SharePoint.

The Understanding RSM pages are brilliant for new starters. They highlight the organisations core values and introduce the executive team.

There are global service pages which are specific to each service, for example Tax has its own page with relevant contacts, videos, a microblog, promotions, content relevant to tax sub services plus lots more. Each service is responsible for its own page.

A Collaboration and Events page is packed full of marketing information, regional and global events, promotional videos, images and interactive pdf documents.

CEO updates, videos, RSM share something microblog, my news, my favourite contacts, find someone and a world clock are all on the home page.

The Result

RSM LINK is an outstanding site that will continue to evolve as the organisation grows. Business critical information is now available in one central location, in an easy to use format, accessible from any devise from any location across the globe. Engagement, efficiency and business processes have all been greatly improved.

“RSM LINK is a huge success for us, it really works for a big network such as RSM, it is just what we needed. Since launch there has been a 77% increase in engagement and huge improvements in efficiency which is outstanding. RSM LINK enables us to give certain permissions to selected users, this means that we can now share responsibility with others for ensuring content is up to date and accurate. We are looking forward to future developments and continuing to enhance the intranet as our business evolves and continues to grow”.

– John Banayo, Digital Marketing Manager


Client: RSM
Employees: 41,000
Location: Global
Industry: Consultancy

Client profile

RSM is a powerful network of audit, tax and consulting experts with offices all over the world. As an integrated team, they share skills, insight and resources, as well as a client-centric approach that’s based on a deep understanding of business.

Fast facts:

  • RSM have firms in 116 countries and are in each of the top 40 major business centres throughout the world.
  • They have a combined staff of over 41,000
  • They have 750 offices across the Americas, Europe, MENA, Africa and Asia Pacific.

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