Reed Exhibitions Case Study

Collaborative working leads to Intranet success at Reed Exhibitions

The Mission

To develop a new intranet for Reed Exhibitions UK using the latest in Engage technology to replace an existing SORCE site which had become outdated and static. To develop a new site for sharing information and bringing everyone together in one central location. A new look was needed, one that was fresh, modern and engaging. Remote access was essential as the company moves towards agile working.

The Solution

Working collaboratively with SORCE has been a huge success for Reed Exhibitions. Combining the skills of an Engage Intranet expert and the knowledge of a Reed Exhibitions Marketing specialist has produced amazing results.

By utilising the Managed Service offering from SORCE, Reed Exhibitions were able to quickly, effectively and efficiently make changes to the Intranet without a need to find further internal resource from within their business.

Managed Service was effectively used to:

  • Transfer knowledge and expertise
  • Allow for flexibility in working with a pot of time to achieve goals
  • To work collaboratively, whereby Reed Exhibitions were involved throughout every step of the project. This allowed SORCE to recommend customisations
    and developments to meet business requirements and user needs
  • Quickly create pages to their own specification
  • Help advise on changes in overall site design
  • Set permissions, assign users to groups and configure roles
  • Create content such as News Articles, FAQs, Announcements and upload documents
  • To set knowledge tags
  • To provide training

It was great fun working with SORCE and being involved in the project from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed the whole experience and I am really pleased that SORCE have passed their knowledge and skills to me. I am now fully equipped to manage the site going forwards and to continually look for future developments

– Sarah Hicks, Marketing Projects

A fantastic new intranet, cleverly named ‘REED-On’ has been developed that is modern, fresh, user friendly and engaging.

REED-On is packed full of useful information. The introduction of Quicklinks has made navigation much easier. They have enabled Reed Exhibitions UK to bring together all of their documents and external systems in one central location. Efficiency has been hugely increased as it is now a lot easier to find the information you are looking for. Departments such as HR and Finance are seeing big benefits as they are no longer answering as many employee queries as staff are able to find the answers to their questions themselves.

The use of video works really well on the site, bringing colour and movement to the homepage. The CEO provides regular video updates which are informative and engaging. The communications team have received great feedback from employees regarding the vlogs.

Previously lots of company information was displayed in documents. For example, events were listed in a static word document. With the help of SORCE, the events are now shown on a single page within REED-On, with engaging images per event, displayed in date order.

Remote access is a big step forwards for Reed Exhibitions UK. As they move towards companywide agile working, it is vital that company information is shared in one central location, ensuring that all employees receive the same news
at the same time regardless of location.

The Result

REED-On is a great example of a modern intranet that is both informative and engaging. By working collaboratively Reed Exhibitions UK and SORCE have produced a site that is exceeding the needs of its users, providing a fantastic resource for all employees regardless of their location.

Overall I think it looks really nice – much cleaner and easier to view with more colour and the navigation, seems really straight forward and logical”.

– Catherine Warren, Corporate Marketing Manager

Looks so much better, much more modern feel – quick links are a good idea. Overall a much better, cleaner looking site!”.

– Kate Stonebridge, Senior Digital Systems Executive



Client: Reed Exhibitions
Employees: 4000
Location: Global
Industry: Event Organiser

Client profile

Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organiser, with a growing portfolio of over 500 events in 30 countries, and a staff of 4,000 exhibition specialists.

Their events serve 43 key industry sectors, and in 2017 they brought together over 7 million active event participants to drive sales, network and learn.

Reed Exhibitions has over 50 years unrivalled experience in developing, marketing, selling and organising exhibitions and events. They excel in creating brand leading, highly targeted events where people from around the world can come together to do business, network and learn.

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