One Stop Case Study

SORCE bridges the gap between head office and over 750 stores

The Mission

To increase communication between head office and stores throughout the UK, improve efficiencies in processes, provide central visibility of data and save cost.

The Solution

‘Simpler Office’ was the name given to the project. The main aim of the project was to bring the One Stop Head office and all of its stores together in an integrated digital environment.  Simpler Office introduced an intranet called StaffNet to all stores. StaffNet uses SORCE’s Engage Intranet Software at its core doing what an Engage intranet does best, providing key applications to manage essential processes whilst providing an environment in which unique business critical custom applications can be developed.

The first in a number of applications to be introduced was Engage eLearning. All staff joining teams within stores must complete a number of training courses before carrying out certain tasks within store. This process was formally managed by a costly third party with high maintenance fees and an inflexible offering. With Engage E-Learning, staff at head office are now connected directly to the stores; they are able to amend and add new courses, change dates etc. at any time, quickly and efficiently. The cost savings are significant.

“The cost savings are in the region of £30,000 a year between our old third party product maintenance costs and in house development”.

– Mark Jones, Simpler Office Project Manager

Incident reporting was another vital application developed by One Stop to introduce central visibility of incidents recorded by stores where previously there was none. There is now in place an accurate database of incidents that allows head office to prioritise the allocation of security resource. This clear, highly important application has improved the working lives of many and reinforced relations between head office and stores.

The development of a time and attendance application has made a huge difference to what was a laborious paper based daily process. When store staff arrive for work each day they have to record how much cash and what goods they have with them and are signed in by a colleague.

“This process is now completely electronic which gives us easy access to historical data and is much more accurate…so a massive step forwards”.

– Ruairi Balloch, Retail Representative

An enormous cost and paper saving has come from the new electronic library, developed using Engage’s document manager. All of the forms used within stores, documents and all of the step-by-step guides are now available on StaffNet. This has greatly improved communications between stores and head office. Head office is able to update and add new documentation at the touch of a button eliminating costly postage, printing, time and costs.

The Result

Using Engage, The Simpler Office Project has created a, dynamic, process driven intranet that will continue to save costs, grow and evolve as the business continues to expand.

““Since we’ve introduced StaffNet into our stores we’ve seen a huge cost saving, improved efficiencies in processes and we now have central visibility of data that we didn’t previously have. Our head office and our stores have without doubt been brought closer together”.

– Mark Jones, Simpler Office Project Manager

One Stop is a self-sufficient site who will continue to develop their intranet and create their own applications in-house without the need of help from SORCE.


Client: One Stop
Employees: 9,500
Location: England and Wales
Industry: Retail

Client profile

One Stop is a retail convenience business with over 750 shops and a key focus on being the best store for customers in the neighbourhood. Open 7 days a week, One Stop aims to meet the needs of all its local customers. Since 2003 they have been a subsidiary of Tesco.