Mabey Hire UK Case Study

Engage intranet digitally engages multi-site Mabey Hire

The Mission

To replace an unengaging and static SharePoint site, used primarily for document storage and company news.

Looking for a powerful, engaging and dynamic intranet that will increase collaboration across 18 different UK sites, bring the whole organisation together in one central location and giving every employee within the business a voice to share information and ideas. The intranet must be customisable, flexible and scalable.

The Solution

The new Engage Intranet at Mabey Hire is an outstanding success. The site has not only fulfilled all initial requirements it has exceeded expectations. The site is growing from strength to strength, building momentum, provoking thoughts and generating new ideas.

The Portal is setup with external sites for a number of customers to place requests for quotations with the company. This facility makes it easy to quickly and efficiently keep track of quotation statuses, view historical information and limit manual customer communications leaving time to focus on crucial customer updates.

The Portal is very rich in information and has numerous document management sites for departments and topics. These include Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Purchasing, IT, Marketing and for Policies and Procedures.

The development team has developed a number of contract management sites with automated expiry notifications on, or prior to, expiry date. This allows all contracts to be kept up to date and renewed appropriately. Examples of contracts includes procurement contracts, general agreements, QA calibrated equipment register, quality assurance contracts, approved supplier register, supplier tooling register and a work instruction review system.

“Everyone is thoroughly engaged with our new intranet, it has been amazingly successful at bringing everyone together. It has been a great experience working with the team at SORCE, the balance between the support and guidance they have provided and us trying to achieve our own goals and explore our own ideas was perfect”

– Mark Judd, Interactive Media Designer

Engage is not just being used to manage existing business processes. It has highlighted areas within the organisation, particularly within individual departments who have their own pages within the site, that can be improved. This is great news for everyone as improvements in efficiency are being made and departments are taking responsibility for their own processes.

Time savings are being made across the organisation. A great example of this is within the IT department, they use Engage to alert employees of things such as known IT issues, this is fantastic as it stops huge numbers of employees trying to contact the IT department individually to report the same issues. This simple but effective use of the site is a great example of time saving within an individual department.

“Our intranet is really helping improve employee engagement. People from all levels of the hierarchy and across the whole network are getting involved by commenting on articles and liking content. It’s helping create a sense of community across the business, which can be a challenge with the geographical separation. We have smashed all our targets for launch and the site is still gaining momentum, so we are really pleased”.

– Mark Judd, Interactive Media Designer

As a self-sufficient site, Maybe Hire have developed some simple but very useful applications which help improve efficiency. One very effective development is the changes they have made to the contacts application within Engage. They have customised it so that when employees’ contact details are displayed, so is the location where they are based, this is useful as staff were previously having to look up individual staff locations manually.

“Engage training, both administrator and application development, was excellent. It has empowered us to be able to make our own changes to the site. Adding content is quick and easy, all employees are encouraged to get involved and create new content and departments are taking responsibility for their own pages”.

– Mark Judd, Interactive Media Designer

They are successfully taking advantage of standard out of the box functionality such as the microblog, polls, events, FAQs etc. There is a ‘new starters’ page within the site that works brilliantly for providing all new employees with all the information they need when they first join.

Some of the success of Engage must be attributed to the team who managed the launch of the site. They created and executed a thorough plan that was appropriate for their business through the months and weeks leading up launch. This began with gathering feedback about what colleagues most wanted from the new intranet, and included a multi-channel launch to raise awareness and prepare employees for the new site. This kind of early engagement – making sure that everyone felt involved with the site from the very beginning – dramatically increased user adoption from day one.

Future plans for the intranet at Mabey Hire include the roll out of the mobile application. This is going to be fantastic for the whole organisation, remote workers will be able to access company information from anywhere in the UK. Extranet capability is also on the horizon where access to targeted information will be given to selected outside agencies.

The Result

The new intranet at Mabey Hire has made a huge impact on the company and has quickly been adopted as ‘business as usual’. Engage is a central hub for information sharing and corporate communications. Employees across all 18 locations now have a voice and the interactive, regularly updated platform is helping bring them together as a team.

“The engaging nature of the intranet has sparked thought processes throughout all departments within the company. The site lends itself to innovative thinking and the generation of new ideas.Engage is quick and easy to use and administer, more departments are becoming fully engaged. It’s great to see how much time we are saving and how improvements to processes are being made. We are very excited about the future of Engage here at Mabey Hire, the site will continue to grow and go from strength to strength”.

– Mark Judd, Interactive Media Designer



Client: Mabey Hire UK
Employees: 200-500
Location: UK
Industry: Construction

Client profile

Mabey Hire are a leading temporary works supplier who have been providing engineering solutions to customers in the construction and infrastructure industries for over 60 years.

From design to supply, installation, monitoring, project management and consultancy, Mabey Hire’s 420 colleagues provide total expertise in temporary works to help customers meet their challenges and deliver their projects, on time, in full, and on budget.

They Mabey Hire team are based across a network of 18 locations from Aberdeen to Newton Abbot in Devon. They have a mix of desk-based, field-based and yard-based colleagues who need regular access to standard operation procedures, company news, policies and more.

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