Independence Homes Case Study

Engage improves employee engagement and efficiency at Independence Homes

The Mission

To upgrade an existing SORCE intranet to the latest Engage user interface. The new site will be fresher, with a modern look and feel. It will be engaging, dynamic and informative. Document management will remain a key feature but with the added benefit of improved mandatory read and version control. Looking for a design that will be in line with corporate branding, making it familiar for all Independence Homes employees.

The Solution

The new Engage Intranet at Independence Homes is a huge success with improvements made across every aspect of the site.

“Our new Engage intranet is so much easier and quicker to use. It now takes
us just 5 minutes to make a change, such as adding a button, using the new drag and drop feature.”

– Julliet Okeke, Business Analyst & HR Manager

All locations and each department at head office now have their own pages within the intranet. Improvements in efficiency and time savings are being made across the company as employees can now easily search for and find the information they are looking for. If they are unsure of where to go to find the information they need, they simply visit the relevant department or location page.

Document management has been hugely improved at Independence Homes. They are now able to manage both version control and mandatory read. On employee pages, everyone sees a list of the documents they own appearing in order of expiry date, this enables employees to easily manage and take ownership of their own documents.

‘Employee of the Month’ feature, which is managed through articles on Engage, is great for improving employee engagement. The winner of the award for the month appears on the site for four weeks until the next winner is announced the following month.

All employees at Independence Homes now have access to Engage remotely. This accessibility is fantastic for everyone. Support workers and bank staff all over the south east can now log in from anywhere and from any device. Applications such as the Shifts Application, which has been developed by Independence Homes, is saving lots of time for employees who need to access to specific shift information can nowlog in at any time and find everything they need.

Calendar functionality within Engage is used extensively. Employees now have quick and easy access to information such as payday notices, company activities etc.

The employee ‘my pages’ are packed full of relevant information that is specific to each person. Quicklinks are providing quick and easy access to relevant applications, pages and other business systems. A personal welcome message has helped with engagement and there is a link to the company twitter feed.

The result

The new Engage intranet at Independence Homes is engaging, dynamic and informative. The design is fantastic, it is in line with corporate branding and therefore familiar and engaging for all employees. Efficiency has been improved now that document management is so much better.

“Engage is fresh, modern, quick and easy for everyone to use. It is faster to administer, more efficient and has provided it us with better engagement due to the sleeker front and back end designs and improved functionality. It’s great just out of the box but improved flexibility has allowed us to easily create custom features. The support team also cannot be faulted. Quick and friendly!”

– Julliet Okeke, Business Analyst & HR Manager

Independence Homes SORCE Intranet Software Case Study


Client: Independence Homes
Employees: 400
Location: London and South East England
Industry: Care Services

Client profile

At Independence Homes, they do things differently. The organisation was built on the belief that independent minds deserve independent lives – no matter what stands in the way. After 20 years, they have grown to become a team of over 400 experts who are experienced in caring for people with a huge range of physical and neurological conditions.

Since they began in 1997, they have grown to become the best at what they do through investing in their people. By nurturing and rewarding their hard work and dedication, they keep providing consistent, high-quality care to those who need it most.

Today Independence Homes operates sixteen services across London and South East. They support over 130 individuals and employ over 400 staff. The company continues to grow but the genuine passion and dedication which set them apart continue to run through everything they do.

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