Golden Charter case study

SORCE provides seamless integration with SharePoint

The Mission

To create a powerful, scalable and dynamic intranet that would seamlessly integrate with an existing SharePoint installation, providing intranet users with real-time access to SharePoint content. Golden Charter wanted a modern and fresh site that would help to increase productivity and employee engagement.

The Solution

Following a period of tremendous organic growth, Golden Charter introduced SharePoint for document management, allowing them to centrally store and share files whilst managing processes such as document version control more effectively across the organisation.

With an effective solution for document management already in place, they looked for an intranet solution that could harness the power of SharePoint whilst providing outstanding intranet functionality to improve areas such as productivity, employee engagement and contact management.

SORCE was chosen as an intranet platform by Golden Charter over and above other solutions available due to its SharePoint integration capability. SharePoint itself was considered as an intranet platform but was dismissed as a viable option due to high external consultancy costs for the development of a new site plus the ongoing costs required for in-house SharePoint development skills.

“SORCE was the only solution available on the market that met our requirements
in terms of SharePoint integration. The integration is so tight that even to this day, most people within the organisation haven’t realised that files are in SharePoint and not on the intranet. Integration is completely seamless. Employees will always go to the intranet to access the documents they need. Only the Intranet/SharePoint power users know that the documents are in SharePoint”

– Andreas Stafylarakis, Digital Communications Executive

Since the introduction of SORCE, a huge increase in productivity has been seen. Lots of time and effort has been saved now that documents can be easily kept up to date in one central location.

Mandatory read functionality is used in earnest to ensure that all important documents are read by the right people.

“The seamless integration between SORCE and SharePoint has been kept really nice and simple which is fantastic; some recently added functionality now means that we can subcategorise lists and bring across folders as well; this was great news for us because it means that we can now access archived documents as well”.

– Andreas Stafylarakis, Digital Communications Executive

Other well-loved features of their SORCE intranet include the Directors blog and the microblog; they get lots of feedback in the form of comments and the star rating feature works really well for them.

They fully embrace the RSS feed functionality; they have a live feed from ScotRail and the weather. This little feature has had a big positive impact on their employees as many rely on public transport to get to work.

The ability to add a customised top page banner image on the home page of their site has worked really well for them. They drove a whole company wide campaign through it, managing to get 80 people signed up to take part in fund raising events to reach their £1m donation target to the woodland trust. We are pleased to confirm that they reached their target! This is a great example of a complete campaign being driven entirely via an intranet. They even had the Chief Executive Officer riding a penny farthing to raise money for the trust.

The site is driven quite heavily from the home page; all systems throughout the whole organisation are accessed via the intranet. They wanted to make the site as relevant and as personalised as possible for all employees which they have achieved through targeting of content. Remote workers don’t feel that their intranet is just for head office staff and vice versa.

The Result

Golden Charter has created a powerful, dynamic, scalable, business critical intranet which, via seamless integration, harnesses the power of SharePoint for document management.

“Seamless integration between SORCE and SharePoint has provided Golden Charter with a complete solution… an outstanding intranet offering powerful document management”.

– Andreas Stafylarakis, Digital Communications Executive

The site has been fully embraced by everyone throughout the organisation and has succeeded in improving both productivity and employee engagement.

Simple administration ensures that the intranet is easy and cost effective to maintain, all and that the pages and documents are kept relevant and up to date at all times.

Managed by a truly dedicated team, Governance has played a key part to the success of the site and will continue to do so as the company continues to grow.


Client: Golden Charter
Employees: 400
Location: UK
Industry: Care Services

Client profile

Golden Charter is the leading independent provider of funeral plans in the UK. With a head office in Glasgow, there are around 400 experienced members of staff working throughout the country; they have over 25 years’ experience in helping people take care of their funeral arrangements and related legal matters. They work on behalf of 3,300+ independent funeral directors across the country and have served over 500,000 customers.