Gateley Case Study

Engage improves engagement and efficiency within first four weeks of launch

The Mission

To develop a fresh new dynamic intranet to replace an old SORCE site that was no longer fit for purpose.

The new site would look to improve employee engagement and efficiency, as well as bringing all 10 offices within the group together in one central location.

The Solution

The new intranet at Gateley is packed full of dynamic and engaging content, it is fresh, modern and brilliantly aligned to their new corporate branding. The site is called FRED, an acronym of ‘Find, Research and Engage Digitally’, which cleverly reflects exactly what the new site enables employees to now easily achieve.

FRED, which is the responsibility of the Corporate Communications team at Gateley, was launched to employees with balloons, cupcakes, expertly designed informative booklets (left on all desks the night before) and a great 2 minute animated launch video covering all the new key features and benefits. The team over the following week, also visited all  offices to run drop in sessions to ensure that everyone understood the key features of the new site and to answer any questions.

“We really went to town ensuring that everyone was involved in celebrating the launch of FRED. We wanted to make sure that FRED was a big hit right from go-live and are confident that our launch strategy has directly contributed towards its immediate success. We have had amazing feedback so far; we have made a few changes to ensure that we are meeting requirements. Page views are way above our expectations and are showing that pretty much everyone within the company is making FRED their go-to place for finding the information they need and engaging with colleagues.”

– Cara Zachariou, Head of Corporate Communications

A fantastic surprise for Gateley has been employee engagement around the recognition application. The app is used for staff to openly thank and recognise their colleagues for all sorts of different reasons, it could be their achievements, for going that extra mile for someone or for specific project work or event success. This company wide recognition is great for employee engagement and morale. They have already received nearly 200 individual recognitions since launching in April.

They are making great use of the microblog on their home page, which is called Share and engage with your colleagues. Employees are encouraged to shout about what they are doing, share ideas, knowledge and collaborate. They are also using Image of the Day to share photos and updates which is great for bringing all offices together in a centrally shared location. Company news articles are also prominent on the home page and are updated once or twice a day. We have also introduced polls as a regular feature asking questions around what our CEO should dress as for our recent Cirque de Gateley staff party and a new name for our forthcoming leadership roadshows.

Improvements in efficiency have been made through the introduction of ‘Killer Apps’ on the homepage. Employees are now just one click away from the business systems that they use the most, such as HR and finance systems. Documents, policies and procedures are also now quick and easy to find via the new search facility; mandatory read is an invaluable feature with over 600 policies alone.

They are using Promotions on the home page to highlight specific areas of the site that they want to draw attention to. The promotions link to areas such as a Sports and Social page, their Client Management Project tool and Gateley TV, which a selection of the latest corporate and internal videos with links back to the company’s YouTube channel.

The Corporate Communications team have ensured that FRED is all-inclusive for everyone across the business to use. Gateley are no longer solely a legal firm, there are different types of business within the group, so it was important that focus wasn’t only on the legal side of the business. Each business has its own page within FRED, with its own microblog and news. This has ensured that the group is now connected in one central location, but individual business can also connect independently when needed.

The result

The new intranet at Gateley is a dynamic site that is packed full of relevant and important information, engaging content and features that have quickly improved business processes. It’s also been a great place to showcase all of the things the business does around their ‘Gateley Story’ which is their internal vision and values programme built around what they call the ‘Gateley Team Spirit’. It is also a great channel to highlight the work around diversity, inclusion and well-being and the network groups they have set up in this area across the business called ‘Thrive’, ‘Inspire’ and ‘Pride’

FRED has quickly developed its own identity and become embedded within the culture of the organisation. It is well liked and exceptionally well used.

Much of the success of FRED can be attributed to ownership. The site is managed with passion by the Corporate Communications team who have done a great job at ensuring that return on investment has been quickly realised.

“We are thrilled with the business improvements we have already seen since the launch of FRED. We are looking forward to what the future will hold for FRED, the introduction of Office 365 and Teams integration, integration with our new practice management system, the further development of our new starters induction programme within FRED plus lots more”.

– Cara Zachariou, Head of Corporate Communications

Gateley have been nominated for ‘Best Intranet Launch’ in the SORCE 2019 Intranet Success Awards.


Client: Gateley
Employees: 982
Location: UK
Industry: Legal and professional services

Client profile

Since arriving as the new kids on the block all those years ago, Gateley earned their stripes in the legal industry, building a leading name and a revered reputation It’s why they went Plc in 2015 – the UK’s first commercial law firm to do so. It’s why they’re pushing the limits of what a legal and professional business can offer. Forward thinking within their business to help their clients move forward in theirs each agency.

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