Aston Lark Case Study

Engage successfully joins two separate organisations, connecting 800 employees at 19 locations

The Mission

To develop an intranet that would join 800 employees, following the amalgamation of two different insurance brokers, across 19 locations, in one central location.
The new site would be the platform for launching the fresh new corporate brand to the organisation and would be the central communications hub for all employees, of which there are over 800.

The Solution

The new Engage intranet at Aston Lark, with its modern, fresh and sophisticated design has successfully joined two separate organisations, creating a central hub for all communication across the business.

Information regarding changes within the organisation structure were published by senior team members in a clear and engaging way, ensuring that the same key messages were delivered to all employees at the same time regardless of geographical location.

An image banner at the top of the home page is updated regularly ensuring that specific important messages really stand out.

The site, which won ‘Best Intranet Design 2019’ in the SORCE Intranet Success Awards, is modern, sophisticated and perfectly aligned to corporate branding. The team at Aston Lark have created a site that stands out from others with a fresh look and feel without any specific design skills in house. They have designed their own icons, used theirown images and created a layout that is user friendly whilst keeping all pages within the site consistent. As they are in control of design, the team can respond quickly to any feedback from users.

A great example of how Engage has improved efficiency falls within the Learning and Development department. Their Engage page is packed full of up to date and relevant information. They now have a calendar for training bookings which is highly beneficial for the business as a whole and also to individuals, promotional videos, documents and news all in one central location.

The Engage contacts directory, has really helped to bring everyone within the business together. It is now quick and easy to search for contacts; profile pages show photographs of employees so staff can now put names to faces more easily.

The site is packed full of vital information. Incentives, leader boards, individual and team targets are now fully visible. Mental health and wellbeing is an important area on the site and is still growing. There is lots of news, image of the moment, useful documents, a ‘start a conversation’ microblog plus lots more all make for a really engaging intranet.

The Result

The new Engage intranet at Aston Lark has successfully joined two separate organisations, ensuring that 800 employees at 19 locations are connected in one central location.

“Having Engage as a platform for communication, particularly during recent times of change, has been fantastic. Senior team members now have a central platform for delivering news and updates to everyone at the same time, regardless of location. Engage has really helped to introduce our new corporate branding and values. Increased engagement is clearly visible as employees can now comment and like articles. Publishing information to the organisation in this way has led to a big reduction in all staff emails which is great. Our ‘find an expert’ tool is really helpful and has saved a lot of time. Employees can search to find out if we have insurance experts in specific industry sectors, pages are being added all the time so this area is growing quickly. Quicklinks are vital for us, they are one of the most used parts of the intranet. We are all now just one click away from vital information. Quicklinks have saved so much time across the business. We are delighted to have won ‘Best Intranet Design 2019’ at the SORCE Intranet Success Awards, we are proud of our intranet and are pleased with the improvements we have already seen in employee engagement and how it has brought the whole organisation together in one central location. Design and consistency are both important, we have created a clear, fresh and modern intranet with a great design throughout the whole site”

– Sarah Kiely – Digital Marketing Manager


Client: Aston Lark
Employees: 800
Location: UK
Industry: Financial Services

Client profile

In July 2018, two of the UK’s largest, independent insurance brokers came together: Aston Scott Group and Lark Group. With shared beliefs, values and ambitions they embarked upon a journey to become the most trusted advisors in the industry. Proud to be one of the top five independent Chartered Insurance Brokers in the country, Aston Lark are trusted by over 100,000 clients across the UK. Placing over £300 million of premium into the market, their specialist sector teams are ready to advise and support in the process of buying insurance. Already awarded the highly prestigious Corporate Chartered Insurance Broker status, they are recognised for their ethical good practice, the pursuit of excellence, and for achieving the highest standards for their clients.

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