ACL Case Study

Engage improves efficiency and employee engagement at ACL

The Mission

To replace an old SORCE intranet which was first implemented in 2006 with a new modern and fresh looking Engage intranet.

The new site will reflect cultural changes within the company and reinforce new inspiring company values.

Looking for an engaging and modern intranet that will improve employee engagement, bring the global organisation together in one central location and give the company a platform for sharing news, blogs and give visibility of important company information such as ‘at a glance’ key performance indicators (KPI’s). Looking to introduce a social aspect to the site.

The Solution

The new Engage Intranet at ACL is an informative and engaging site. It is a credit to the team who have created it. The site looks fantastic with a modern and fresh feel, it reflects culture changes within the organisation and is playing an important part in reinforcing company values.

“We are all delighted with our new intranet, the team at ACL have created a site to be proud of. Feedback has been positive since launch; our KPI’s are clear and visible from the home page for everyone to see which was one of our goals and it’s now easy to communicate important company news and announcements. We are confident that the site will now grow from strength to strength and employee engagement will continue to improve”

– Bobby Amin, Service Desk Manager

The dashboard that is displayed on the home page is giving everyone across the whole organisation clear visibility of the company’s main KPI’s. This has had a big impact within the company as previously this information was not readily available and not visible for anyone who is not a member of the senior management team.

Time savings and improvements in efficiency have been made now that calls can be logged for the helpdesk from the homepage of the intranet. The end user experience is now simple, quick and intuitive so less time is spent logging calls. The support team are seeing improvements in efficiency as they can clearly review outstanding calls and can manage them accordingly.

The Chief Executive Officer is actively involved in delivering company news and updates via the site ensuring that everyone receives the same news at the same time regardless of location. Meeting summaries are recorded by the CEO and videos displayed on the intranet homepage.

Employee recognition is a big part of the company ethos. Anyone is now able to quickly and easily officially recognise a colleague for their work, attitude or achievements via the homepage of the site which is great for employee engagement. Recognitions are used by line managers when carrying out employee appraisals.

There is a great social aspect to the site; with so many company events, competitions  and activities taking place, employees now have a space where they can see at a glance what’s coming up, and take a look at photos from previous get togethers. Favourites include a ‘cooking for the homeless’ charity event and ‘lunch time movie Mondays’.

All staff emails and email traffic in general has been greatly reduced. Employees are now able to communicate in a central location so the need to send emails has been significantly reduced. The leadership team previously had to email company briefing summary notes, these can now be displayed on the site for all to see.

The intranet team ensured that everyone was given the opportunity to get involved with the new site right from the beginning which is always great for employee engagement. They decided to give the site a new name to help employees feel more connected from outset. Following an employee intranet naming competition, the name iPost was chosen. This brilliant name represents all the key values of the business, Integrity, Professional, Own it, Strive for Better and Together.

The Result

iPost is a fresh, modern and engaging intranet. It has improved efficiency, saved time throughout the business, improved employee engagement and given global visibility to company information.

“It has been fantastic working with the intranet team to create iPost. The site is quick and easy to administer, it is flexible and scalable which is just what we need. We have enjoyed working with SORCE and over the years we have developed a fantastic working relationship which will continue. We have an ongoing continual improvement plan that we will now follow over the next twelve months and are excited about what the future holds for the site. It’s great to see the improvements in efficiency and engagement that are clear across the company”.

– Bobby Amin, Service Desk Manager

ACL Sorce Case study


Client: Airport Coordination Limited
Employees: 10-50
Location: Global
Industry: Aviation

Client profile

Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) is responsible for slot allocation, schedules facilitation and schedule data collection at a large number of varied airports and, in addition, provides a wide range of services to the aviation industry.

ACL is the world leading Airport Slot Coordinator working to ensure efficient use of capacity and better operational performance for the benefit of airport operators, airlines and passengers.

ACL’s experience in the management of airport capacity, and its knowledge and expertise in the development of coordination technologies, places it in a unique and unrivalled position in the industry.

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