For marketers, intranets are amazing. The intranet benefits for marketing can transform important tasks and enable you to find new ways of working and doing what you do faster and easier. Communication, understanding and sharing information are key to any marketing department, here are my top 5 ways in which the intranet can help you with this.

Top 5 intranet benefits for marketers are:

1.  Share your digital world with everyone
Your intranet can make it easy for to share blogs and social feeds, enabling everyone to be kept up to date with latest coverage. This enables everyone to see for themselves what you as an organisation are blogging about but also who is talking about you on twitter, facebook and Linkedin and other social media channels.

2. Ask for ideas and feedback
Marketers can post questions and ask for feedback on creative ideas of research feedback. It’s important to remember this doesn’t just have to be via flat images or words, but you could post videos asking for ideas on a new upcoming promotion. This is a fantastic way to get colleagues on board with your campaign as they will feel part of it and it can provide you with invaluable insight from across the organisation.

3. Campaign updates made easy
The intranet enables marketing to update everyone on new campaigns and results of past activity at the same time in one place. This is especially important if your new campaign is timely and consists of lots of collateral and terms and conditions that everyone in your organisation needs to be made aware of. The final version of documents can be stored on the intranet for everyone to access, you can create collaborate working areas where colleagues can comment and share and ask questions.

4. Publicise your calendar
Communication is key for marketers and the intranet enables marketers to upload their annual marketing schedule to the central calendar so everyone can see your top level plans for the year.

5. Share positive customer feedback
A real morale booster is hearing great feedback from customers. The intranet is the perfect place for you to share what your customers are saying about your product or service. Marketing can post latest testimonials or reviews for everyone to see and share.

I hope you have found this blog useful. If you would like to see how other high profile organisations have implemented their intranet and why they did what they did,  come along to one of our events.