Valentines Intranet Campaign I hear you say!, We have just recovered from Christmas and now we are speeding into February which brings us the intranet marketing dilemma as to what to do with Valentine’s Day. Should our intranet campaign even mention the V word?! Should we be British and give it a brief mention or go all out and embrace the season of love in the workplace?!

I’ve thought about this for a while now and intranet campaigns to encourage engagement are all based on relevancy and timely information. Valentine’s Day is about people, so bring together your quest for intranet engagement and Valentine’s Day and you have a great way of highlighting why your colleagues love their intranet and your Company.

Not convinced? To help further, I’ve listed some great ways in which you could bring your campaign to life and start a buzz in the office.

10 simple marketing ideas your intranet campaign could adopt this February.

  1. Create alternative profile pics that your colleagues could choose and upload. Make them fun and lead by example.
  2. Create your own Valentine’s video message expressing your love for the intranet and perhaps use props or boards to weave in some key usage facts.
  3. If you want to stay behind the camera why not pen a poem for everyone to read when the access their intranet?
  4. Launch a Valentine’s treasure hunt and add hearts to pages that colleagues need to find.
  5. Ask colleagues to leave messages of appreciation for other teams on a virtual love/appreciation board.
  6. Encourage your contributors to your social pages to organise a Valentine’s bake off whereby all money from cakes sold goes to local charity. Who wouldn’t love this?!
  7. Run a “Why do you love your intranet” competition and offer a bottle of bubbles or chocolates to the winning entry.
  8. If your intranet isn’t great and undergoing development, ask colleagues what you need to do to make them love your intranet and run a suggestions discussion.
  9. Set a Valentine sing off challenge. Ask each team to upload a group video of them singing a famous love song and everyone gets to vote for their favourite. The winning team could all get a small treat.
  10. Finally, give everyone time to engage with your Valentine’s intranet campaign. Launching it on the 13th February isn’t really going to work. You need to think how you can build some momentum.

I hope this has given you something to think about. I firmly think intranets should embrace Valentine’s Day. If you are planning a Valentine’s Day campaign for your intranet, tell us about it! We would love to hear about it.

Here at SORCE we’ve experienced hundreds of intranets of all shapes and sizes and are skilled at helping uncover opportunities to improve engagement and business process. If you would like to be intranet inspired this year, why not book your complimentary place on one of our very successful intranet showcase events.