As Christmas fast approaches it’s great to look back on the year and realise just how much has been achieved. For us this year, saw the rebranding of our intranet software from SORCE to Engage which has been very well received by everyone. It’s really helped us to differentiate between our software and the other services we offer.

Events galore
Throughout 2017 we held over 20 events throughout the UK, showcasing Engage but also sharing knowledge on how to create your own intranet, content creation, intranet engagement and providing insight into how other leading companies went about their intranet projects.

Engaging developments
A key part of the year was our upgrade programme which saw us launch great new office 365 ADFS authentication, new organisational chart functionality, @mentions, in-page content contribution and a new feedback application. Gathering feedback was a strong theme throughout our development both in terms of the method of feedback from users on topics and people, but also in terms of Engage providing users with greater feedback on what’s happening with their intranet. These new developments, combined with further improvements to the notifications and a new look for analytics has really enhanced user engagement.

Recognising great colleagues:
Being able to recognise a colleague for a job well done is a powerful tool. Everyone wants to know that their work is meaningful to the organisation and their colleagues and that their contribution matters. When a colleague goes above and beyond, users can show their appreciation and shine a light on those who really go the distance with our new recognition feature. A user can select their colleague, give a title to their recognition, write a description around why they would like to recognise that person and even add an image if they wish.

Gaining feedback:
Gathering suggestions and feedback from employees can be challenging. With our new suggestions feature in Engage it’s as easy as picking a category, typing in your title and the writing the feedback you wish to give. There are also options to add images, as well as making the submission private, view able only to the administrators. You can gather feedback and suggestions on as many categories as you can think of; from projects to policy changes or even the intranet itself.

A happy employee is a productive and engaged employee and a happy organisation is better placed to deliver against its goals and objectives. Collecting data on happiness is now possible with this new engage page item. With a graphical set of options ranging from happy to sad, users can click to tell you their current mood. They can optionally add some commentary to their feedback, tick a box to send it to their line manager directly or even add an image. It’s never been easier to get the big picture on how your workforce feels about being at work. You can then analyse this data to find trends and increase staff happiness.

We have also welcomed onboard some great new clients this year from a wide sector of industries from the Police, healthcare and retail to wholesale food production. It demonstrates just how flexible our intranet software is.
Looking forward to 2018 we are getting excited about more new software developments and a range of new events focussing on helping companies understand the elements of intranet success and how they can achieve it.