Whether you’re thinking about a new intranet, just launched or have had an intranet for a while, engagement will always be something to think about. Intranet engagement is often initially high but can start to decline if the intranet is not managed and maintained well. This blog offers some advice to ensure employee engagement with your intranet is sustained long term. For more advice and to find out how SORCE can help, join us at one of our Showcases

Intranet engagement is all about instilling the want and need amongst all of your end users to keep returning to your intranet site and to do a variety of things whilst they are there. From downloading policy documents and updating their profiles to joining groups and reading company news, the intranet should be the place employees go for information. You want staff to be enthused by the great work you are doing and ultimately use the intranet how you designed it.

But this is not always easy and your stats might show that your page views, downloads and posts are starting to decline. Tackling this problem takes time and will be a team effort but it is possible. 

Here are 5 intranet engagement tips to help you on your way:

1. Be Topical

Just as your organisation’s product or service might have an annual cycle, so should your intranet topical content. Where possible, plugging into celebrated events, seasons, or charity events is a great way of making sure your content is relevant to your readers.

For example, right now focus on summer content and ensure staff know how to book annual leave. At Christmas time ensure you bring some festivity to the intranet and that socials are well promoted.

2. Educate 

Think of ways in which you can gently remind colleagues how to do specific tasks. Engagement may have slowed because users can’t quite remember how to do something or just not sure of where it is. Consider creating some helpful and fun “how to” videos or FAQs.

3. Recognise Achievements

The intranet is not all work. It is not just about company performance and updates from the CEO. People like to know what other people are up to. Celebrating colleagues achievements inside or outside of work is always well received. Exciting work projects or news stories would be a great way to achieve this.

4. The Element of Surprise

Exceeding expectations is a great way to get employees returning to the intranet again and again. Producing new unexpected content, tackling user issues, improving business processes and new functionality should engage employees. Ensure to communicate these updates to your colleagues and celebrate successes to promote enagement.

5. Feedback

Don’t forget to ask colleagues what they think of the intranet and ways in which you can improve it further for them. People like to be asked for their opinions and comments and to feel they are valued. Their feedback positive or negative is like gold for you.

I hope you can take away some of these ideas and think about how they could relate to your intranet and organisation. To help you further, why not join us at one of our Showcases or download one of our free guides, from calculating ROI and conducting stakeholder interviews to compiling your own Business Case… find it all in our Knowledge section.