Today we officially launch our newly named Engage intranet software. It’s still the same great intranet software but packed full of new features and added flexibility to enable intranet professionals to engage your colleagues and enable your CEOs to realise real business growth.

John Nicklin, Managing Director of SORCE “We are really proud to launch our new look Engage intranet software. It’s already going down really well with our clients and new business, it’s exciting times for us at SORCE”.

Our intranet software is changing the way businesses think about their intranet. Choosing the right software for your business is a very big decision, get it right and you will engage your teams and realise considerable business benefits. Get it wrong and people will disengage quickly.

Engage is our software, built in house by a team of talented developers and designers who are passionate about ensuring our software is the best it can be from a functionality, usability and performance perspective.

Here at SORCE our award winning intranet software has been transforming business communications for over 16 years. Today hundreds of clients worldwide use our software at the core of their business and we work with them to ensure their software adapts to their changing business needs.

If you would like to see Engage in action there is still time to register for our live demo on 6th April at 3pm GMT or you can get in touch and we can arrange a demo for you. You can also download our Engage software guide.