With Christmas adverts out in force, reminding us to make great memories this festive season, now is a good time to use your intranet to celebrate company events, achievements and milestones with all of your colleagues. Whether it’s an award you’ve won this year, the launch of a new product or the opening of a new office – make sure you use your intranet to remember and celebrate it!

Intranets are the centre-point for documentation, collaboration and connecting with people. Ensuring employees utilise your intranet for this purpose is crucial and a continual challenge for intranet professionals. This blog sets out 6 tips for ensuring your intranet is filled with engaging content to memorise key events. For more tips on encouraging intranet engagement download our free guide to managing your intranet or our intranet governance guide.

1) Planning and Involvement 
Planning your intranet content and getting colleagues involved is essential. Although the intranet is virtual, it’s all about connecting people and often the best way to do this is to speak to them directly. Get out and about, meet colleagues and find out what content they want to see; which company event has been most memorable for them?

2) Timeline Microblogs 
Historical microblogs showing key moments in the company’s history with images of colleagues, and interesting factoids is great intranet content. You could invite colleagues to write a blog to talk about their best company moments or proudest achievement.

3) Video Blogs
Scheduling some short interviews with colleagues who remember key facts or moments is a simple way of sharing important moments with everyone. If you have lots of historical video footage, you could use this as well.

4) Design
Adapting your intranet design for a short time period to celebrate a specific event is a great way of drawing attention when people login. How about a festive / wintery theme for the month of Decemember?

5) Competitions
Photo competitions or treasure hunts work really well. Hiding imagery on intranet pages or asking colleagues to submit photos of themselves can really help generate a buzz.

6) Future Goals

The end of the year or the celebration of a company milestone is a good opportunity to look forward and talk about future strategy and goals. With the new year around the corner, it’s a great time for senior leadership to thank everyone for their help over the year and to set out future goals.

I hope you have found this useful. Let us know how you are celebrating your years events, through your intranet, by posting a comment below. If you would like help getting intranet inspired or are thinking about developing your intranet come along to one of our intranet Showcase events.