14 July, 2014

Does your intranet furniture fit? Here’s 3 intranet design considerations

By |14th July, 2014|

When you move into a house and start putting in furniture, you don’t know if the way you’ve arranged each room works until you actually start using it. It may look great with funky sofas and tables, but after a few months those sofas may not offer the comfort you had hoped for. It’s no different for intranets, you’ll only

8 May, 2014

Engaging your staff with a World Cup theme

By |8th May, 2014|

I’m often asked by clients for suggestions as to how they can get their staff more engaged with their intranet. A great way to get staff using their site is to engage them on a social level. Draw them in with a topic that’s of interest to them through a poll or even a competition. With the World Cup kicking

5 February, 2014

Celebrating our User Conference Success

By |5th February, 2014|

Last week we held our tenth User Conference in Reading. As well as getting our community of intranet users together to network, learn and share knowledge on all things intranet, it’s also a lot of fun. We kicked off our two day event with a really insightful presentation from our key note speaker, intranet expert Sam Marshall. Sam provided a

25 November, 2013

Is your intranet future proof?

By |25th November, 2013|

When I meet with organisations, I tend to find that for a lot of companies, their decision to invest in an intranet is something of a knee jerk reaction. Their biggest concern is addressing their existing business issues. This could be anything from changing working practices to communicate company news right through to locating documentation more easily. Whatever the case,

2 October, 2013

One size doesn’t fit all

By |2nd October, 2013|

I’ve been working with two different organisations to guide them through their requirements gathering process. Although their requirements were very different, the intranet features they have used to deliver their needs are similar. When it comes to working on design, I always take the viewpoint that one size definitely does not fit all and every company is unique. A common

9 September, 2013

An intranet design staff can relate to

By |9th September, 2013|

When it comes to introducing an intranet, it can take staff a little time to adapt to accessing information in a different way. One of the ways some of our clients have got round this is by designing their intranet to replicate an environment they’re already familiar with. One client wanted something visually eye catching to fit in with their

14 August, 2013

How does Windows 8 influence intranet design?

By |14th August, 2013|

When a client told me they wanted their site to be designed in the format of Windows 8, I found myself faced with a fresh challenge. I thought I’d give my observations on working with this type of layout and how this design can affect the way your site is structured. From a visual perspective, the panels display both static

29 July, 2013

Improving discoverability of your intranet content

By |29th July, 2013|

Whether you’ve already got an intranet in place or you’re about to launch a new site, one challenge you’ll face will be getting staff to look at specific areas of content. I find that an effective way of encouraging employees to look around their site to discover new content is to provide them with an incentive. One way of getting

21 June, 2013

How do you make social features work for you?

By |21st June, 2013|

There’s much discussion regarding the importance of social features within modern intranets.  For many organisations it can be difficult to understand how they fit into their working environment. To give you some ideas, I thought I’d cover some of the ways companies I’ve worked with have used Microblogs to suit their organisation. Social pages Of course, there is the social

Going Mobile

By |12th June, 2013|

We recently held a very successful client event to celebrate the launch of Version 10. Not only was this a great opportunity to get our community of users together, it enabled us to show them some of the exciting new features we’ve implemented. One feature in particular that we highlighted was our new mobile capability. In response to the increasing