Intranet Success Awards 2018

Live Awards Webinar: 22nd March 2018 3:00pm to 3:45pm GMT


Celebrating the very best of intranets

Introducing our 2018 finalists

Our 2018 awards are celebrating the very best of intranet success amongst our hundreds of clients worldwide. Our clients are using our software to create truly amazing intranets. Intranets that are at the core of their businesses and have helped transform the way their business operates.

This years’ categories are:
1. Best Intranet Design
2. Best Intranet Launch
3. Best Custom Feature – Enter now
4. Best Intranet Champion – Enter now
5. Best Intranet

If you feel your own Engage or SORCE intranet has a great custom feature worthy of an award or you have a fantastic Intranet Champion that deserves to be recognised, then you can nominate yourself and enter.

All of our winners will be announced during our live webinar on the 22nd March 2018 at 3pm. You can register for our award winner’s webinar and see the winners’ intranets.

Best intranet

Our headline award celebrates our clients who have achieved outstanding intranet success. This award recognises the work undertaken by the whole intranet team to create and continually develop an intranet that engages colleagues, provides tangible business efficiencies.

This year’s best intranet finalists are:





Boulting Group

Communication has been dramatically improved across the whole of Boulting Group and employee engagement has increased through the use of BEN, Boulting’s intranet. Improvements have also been seen in productivity as business tools are quick to access and the SORCE SharePoint Connector is providing easy and seamless access to documents.





Jemca Group

Jemca Group manage 7 Toyota and Lexus dealerships in the south of England. The Junction, Jemca’s intranet, is an invaluable communications toolthat brings together the whole organisation. Jemca Group are in the early days of their intranet journey with SORCE however have already made huge strides in engaging with their staff with an impressively designed and implemented intranet.





Rail Delivery Group

The Rail Delivery Group brings together the companies that run Britain’s railway into a single team with one goal – to deliver a better railway for you and your community. The Rail Delivery Group have been a client of SORCE since 2009 and during that time have grown their intranet through regular updates to the product and rolling out new functionality over time to drive engagment.





South Wales Police

The South Wales Police intranet (which is called Bob) was launched in May 2017, as part of their Fusion programme, which is a force wide programme of digital transformation. Bob is used to share vital communications across the force, but also helps manage key business processes and launch online forms. Bob has already helped the organisation transform the way it communicates, including the introduction of interactive collaborative areas and video communications for the first time.





Knights Brown

Sika, the Knights Brown intranet has been a key tool in bringing staff across multiple sites and projects together. Teams such as Health and Safety, Accounts and IT are accessing information quickly and easily, in an intuitive and user friendly way, saving time and increasing efficiency through use of integration with the Project Information Management System. Knights Brown will be continuing this transformation by completing an integration with their Enterprise Report Planning system.

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Find out who is the winner of Best Intranet

Join our live webinar on the 22nd March 2018 at 3pm. You can register for our award winner’s webinar and see the winners’ intranets.


Best intranet design

Intranet design is more than a great homepage. It’s one that keeps an eye on latest design trends and helps the user seamlessly navigate their way around their intranet. This years’ finalists have created designs that not only look great but work for their end users.

This years’ finalists are:

  • Jemca
  • Housing Plus Group
  • Vitacress
  • Vivid

Best intranet launch

In our experience, a great intranet launch sets your new intranet up for an engaging and successful future. It’s your one chance to inspire your colleagues and encourage them to adopt your wonderful new intranet into their daily lives. As well as an opportunity to educate, it’s a great chance to bring your business together. This award celebrates the best intranet launches and how they overcame internal challenges to early adoption and engagement.

This years’ finalists are:

  • Housing Plus Group
  • National Education Union
  • Vitacress
  • Vivid

Open nominations

Best Custom Feature

For many clients, the ability to create their own custom applications as part of our intranet software has enabled them to create some brilliant new features that solve business challenges, improves efficiency and encourages collaboration. This award celebrates intranets that have gone that step further to really create a new feature that improves their business.

Nominations for this category are open to clients. To enter please email [email protected] with the following details:

1. Company Name
2. Name of nominated Best Custom Feature
3. What’s the story behind your custom feature? What was is set out to solve? How did you go about creating it? Has it worked? How has it improved your business?
4. Why you should win Best Custom Feature (no more than 500 words)

Entry deadline 9th March 2018

Best Intranet Champion

Every business has ‘that’ person that really goes above and beyond to make their intranet more than just good. It might be time spent working out new ways of solving an old business challenge through their intranet. It might be that they have really taken on the role of creating great content and leading by example in showing colleagues how to fully embrace their intranet.

Nominations for this category are open to clients. To enter please email [email protected] with the following details:

1. Company Name
2. Name of your nominated intranet champion
3. Photo of your nominated intranet champion
4. Why they should win Best Intranet Champion (no more than 300 words)

Entry deadline 9th March 2018



No, these awards are to celebrate the best of the best SORCE clients
The judging panel are a selection of our SORCE intranet experts: John Nicklin, Managing Director; Martyn Green, Operations Director; Nick Horne, Intranet Success Manager and Amy Lewis, Digital Designer.
The winners will be announced during a live webinar on 22nd March at 3:00pm. You can sign up to the webinar here:
This is an online event only.

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