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During our years of intranet experience we have created our own six step intranet road map. It helps our clients understand where they are right now and enables intranet project teams to create their own schedules. Explore each of the stages of our intranet roadmap and see how our experts can help you.








“ There was always a buzz about this project; card sorting in particular was great fun. We received constant contact from SORCE making sure we were ok along every step of the journey.”

Kim Dugan, Communications Manager, Sentinel

Sharing best practice

Whether you are embarking on a brand new intranet project or delivering new efficiencies within your existing intranet, our intranet experts have created a unique six stage intranet project road map to help ensure your project is a success. This had been tried and tested with hundreds of clients and helped the achieve intranet success. Whether you need support at each stage or just one element, we can help.


1. Learn

We show you the possibilities of modern intranets to engage staff and redefine business processes using a wealth of case studies and the knowledge of our experienced team.


2. Plan

We work with your team to interview key stakeholders and perform workshops to uncover clear objectives that will deliver the greatest impact to your business.


3. Function

Taking your intranet objectives we define how your intranet can be improved using modern intranet software or your existing intranet features.


4. Form

New designs are created and usability tested to make sure your intranet works for your staff and for your business.


5. Deploy

We use our technical expertise and project management to help implement these changes, training your staff in the process.


6. Launch

Gaining the greatest impact in your business we help launch your new intranet to your organisation and manage engagement.

Why choose SORCE’s Engage intranet software?


Unrivalled intranet expertise

Our Services team have a wealth of intranet experience, having created intranets for a wide range of clients. We have helped businesses overcome many seemingly impossible challenges and you will benefit from this valuable knowledge.


A unique plan

We understand your intranet project is unique and we will work with you to create your own plan of action depending on where you are at.

We are here for you

Whether your SORCE intranet is already live or still in planning, our intranet experts are here to help. We fully support intranet longevity and as your business grows we can support you in reviewing you intranet goals and ensure that your changing intranet needs are met.



We Love intranets and are keen to share our knowledge with you. We have created a range of free downloadable guides and videos to get you started with your own intranet project. See if any of our guides can help you.





If you are at the beginning stages of your intranet project why not come along to one of our intranet events? We run regular free intranet showcase events across the UK. These are a great way for you to expand your knowledge and meet like minded professionals.

Need help with your intranet project?

If you need some help with your intranet project, need some fresh ideas or would like us to audit your current intranet fill out your details and one of our intranet experts will be in touch within 24 hours.