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Our intranet software is packed full of features to help you engage your team, work faster and help you work smarter. With our expert help, your new intranet can be delivered in weeks.


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Key features

Discover what makes our software the no.1 choice. Tailored solutions, a suite of applications and the ability to integrate with your business systems are just some of the features waiting for you.

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Our intranet software enables you to continually develop and grow your intranet as your business changes. 96% of our clients have used our intranet software for six years or more.



We have a wealth of experience in creating successful intranet solutions for a wide range of industries. We understand your industry and what your business needs from your intranet.



We seamlessly integrate with SharePoint, so you can realise all the great business benefits of our intranet software and retain the powerful document collaboration capabilities of SharePoint.

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Get the design you want and the powerful intranet applications you need

We recognise the importance of branding

Our intranet software enables you to achieve the design you need to reflect your brand values and comes complete with a suite of readymade applications to help you get work done.




Integrate our intranet software with your existing business systems

Extend your intranet to include information from across your organisation bringing KPIs and external content directly to your staff.


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Intranet software that grows with your needs

As your objectives change so does your intranet

You can be self-sufficient in creating new applications or adapt existing applications so your intranet software does what you need it to do.


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Pick and choose the intranet applications you need when you need them

Ready to go applications to get you up and running fast

Choose from our extensive ready-made applications to create the intranet that’s right for your business.


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“SORCE is one my favourite products to work with, and one of only few that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to other organisations. SORCE has been an invaluable platform for developing applications that have become integral to our business.”

David Thompson, Operations Director
Santa Maria


Our intranet software solution is unique and we think our success is proven by our great clients

With over 15 years of creating successful intranet solution we don’t just give you the software and leave you to it. Our client case studies demonstrate how we can offer a truly tailored intranet solution.


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