WM Housing case study

SORCE’s Engage intranet user interface improves efficiency

The Mission

To deliver an interactive, responsive, clean, user friendly intranet which all users across the business can access no matter where they are based, be it in one of the offices or out on site and would bring all information within the group together  in one central location.

The Solution

The journey started with a simple but powerful intranet using SORCE’s Engage intranet software which brought together in a central location a number of disparate organisations within the WM Housing Group; the intranet was aptly named Oneplace. Big improvements were made in communication, efficiency, knowledge sharing and productivity.

It has been upon this firm platform that WM Housing Group has now created a new dynamic, engaging, fresh, user friendly intranet. Oneplace has been refreshed using the latest user interface; the site is now fully responsive, interactive and can now be accessed from mobiles and tablets on the go.

Document Management is a critical application that has greatly improved efficiency at WM Housing Group. Digital files are stored in a central location where everyone has access. Files are easy to sort, search for, edit and redistribute. Documents can be searched for in a number of ways, by filename, title, category, department or by keywords within the body of the document.

“Being able to easily search for and retrieve electronic documents is a huge benefit. Physically searching for information was taking a long time so the ability to quickly find the information you need from any location is invaluable. We are now only two clicks away from finding the right digital file.”

– Debbie Jupe, IT Project Manager

Microblogging within Oneplace is being used widely throughout WM Housing Group and has proved to be a great success. The ‘share something’ microblog allows staff across disparate locations to gain access to company updates, interesting content and observations in real-time. This method of sharing information is much faster than sharing via other sources such as group emails and ensures that everyone across the group sees the same communications at the same time.

“The microblog is a fantastic application which is being used extensively throughout the entire organisation. It has replaced group emails and has brought us together as a team making us feel more connected than ever.”

– Katie Summers, Communication Officer

The ‘find someone’ Contacts Application is helping all staff across the group to be more efficient in their roles and to feel more connected with their colleagues. The application enables them to intelligently search quickly and easily for contacts throughout the group. Results include the individuals full contact details and a photograph which is helping colleagues to get to know each other.

“I particularly like the new Oneplace because it’s there when I log on in the morning, it looks good, it’s bright and it’s clean. It’s now simple to access the ‘find someone’ application. The most important thing for me is that with 900 staff across the group it’s really easy now to put a name to a face. You can search and find someone’s details and photograph really quickly. I think that the way it’s been organised is brilliant and very user friendly.”

– Kevin Rodgers, Group Chief Executive

The Event Manager is another application which has enhanced productivity at WM Housing Group. All the room bookings for the group are managed through Oneplace. There is no longer the need to send lengthy booking request emails to the Facilities department to request a meeting room, make amendments or cancel existing bookings.  All facilities across the group are viewable in one central location; it is quick and easy to check meeting room availability, check for a visitor parking space if needed and book online.

The Result

Oneplace is an intranet which is well loved across the whole of WM Housing Group. They have created an engaging, user friendly, responsive site which can be accessed anywhere from any device. It is a dynamic, well organised site which is used by everyone as a central location to store company information as well as a place for sharing news, up to date information and ideas. Oneplace has improved productivity and efficiency. Employee engagement has been greatly enhanced.

“What I really love about the new Oneplace is it’s clear and fresh new look. It’s easy to find what you are looking for; the document search is far more user friendly. The new ways of communicating to staff have improved engagement; we have the microblog, today’s messages as well as the news. The back end is more user friendly which has made updating, improving and developing the site much easier.”

– Katie Summers, Communication Officer

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WM Housing Group Engage Intranet Software Case Study


Client: WM Housing
Location: UK
Industry: Housing

Client profile

WM Housing Group has grown into one of the largest social housing businesses in the West Midlands.

The group consists of WM Housing Group Limited with the following Registered Provider subsidiaries: Whitefriars Housing Group Limited, West Mercia Homes Limited, Optima Community Association and Family Housing Association (Birmingham) Limited.

The group also consists of a number of non-Registered Providers.

Together they own and manage around 30,000 homes across Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Birmingham, Coventry and the wider West Midlands.

WM Housing Group has grown into one of the largest social housing businesses in the West Midlands, and exists to create places where people are proud to live and work.

It is a business on the move. It has grown significantly since the formation of West Mercia Housing Group in 1998 into the WM Housing Group they are today. But one thing that has continued is its position as a strong and reliable partner in a climate of change and opportunity.