Sentinal Case Study

Sentinel follows The Journey to a successful SORCE Intranet and has fun along the way

The Mission

To deliver a fresh, personalised intranet which would increase efficiency, improve productivity and knowledge sharing, build and create new staff relationships and greatly improve communication.

The Solution

The Journey is how we refer to the path that many organisations take with SORCE when planning and preparing for a new intranet. Sentinel fully engaged with this process from the start of the project; it was the enthusiasm and commitment with which they approached the journey which has contributed to the success of their intranet, Sentipedia.

The Journey followed what proved to be a really enjoyable path from intranet requirements gathering, stakeholder interviews, content card sorting, using layout boards to decide upon templates and functionality, creation of specification branding discussions through to the build phase, training, content loading and launch.

Sentinel made sure that the whole company was involved in the launch of Sentipedia by arranging a party which coincided with the unveiling of their newly refurbished headquarters. Lunch, balloons and celebratory cake for all made for an enjoyable and memorable day.

To encourage staff engagement from the very beginning Sentipedia badges were also awarded to Team Intranet Champions ensuring everybody knew who to go to with any questions or feedback about their new intranet.

The Journey coupled with the functionality of a SORCE’s Engage intranet software has led to an impressive site which is clean, fresh, easy to navigate and now an integral part of working life at Sentinel.

“There was always a buzz about the project; card sorting in particular was great fun. The buzz followed right through to the design and development of Sentipedia. We received constant contact from SORCE making sure that we were ok along every step of the journey.”

– Kim Dugan, Communications Manager

In a variety of ways, searchable user profile pages have allowed for vastly improved knowledge share. Improvements in efficiency have been made now that staff can easily search for and therefore utilise skill sets within the organisation which were previously undiscovered. It is now also possible to search for staff vehicle registration numbers. With many visitors and limited car parking spaces Sentinel are now able to quickly search for and identify the owners of vehicles that need to be moved in the car park, this simple but highly effective functionality has saved lots of time which is of
course invaluable.

The microblog, or ‘Sentinel Quick Say’ application, has encouraged staff communication and the ability to comment on posts has led to increased idea generation and the whole organisation has been brought closer together. The article publisher application has greatly reduced the number of global emails and improved upon the consistency in corporate messaging.

The Result

Using Engage, Sentinel has created a, fresh, dynamic, heavily personalised, communications based intranet that will continue to evolve as the business continues to expand. There have been marked improvements in productivity, staff efficiencies and knowledge share. A fantastic mutual relationship has been formed between SORCE and Sentinel which will also continue to grow.

“The responsiveness and the positive service throughout has been really good. Everyone that we have had contact with along with way has been brilliant. The Development Team are all very patient with our non techies, they are quick to respond and supportive as are the Technical Support Team.”

– Kim Dugan, Communications Manager

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Sentinel Housing Engage Intranet Case Study


Client: Sentinel
Employees: 200+
Location: England, Berkshire
Industry: Housing Association

Client profile

Sentinel is the only locally run housing association in North Hampshire with just over 200 staff. They manage a property portfolio of 9100 homes, 3400 garages, 20 shops plus support services for thousands more customers.