29 June, 2015

Intranet Insight -Stop, breathe and plan

By |29th June, 2015|

Intranet Insight – Stop, breathe and plan

Many organisations are now at the end of Q2 and naturally reviewing and planning for the remainder of the year. If you are responsible for your company intranet, taking a moment to breathe and see how your intranet is doing is a popular past time at this time of year.

If you know that your

20 November, 2014

Managing documents in the digital workplace

By |20th November, 2014|

There’s no doubt about it, the way that we interact with our organisation’s intranet has changed. Employees are much more likely to comment on news stories, rate content and actively participate in discussions. The wider adoption and acceptance of social media has played a large part in this shift, acceptance from both the people within the organisation and the business

7 October, 2014

What do people really require from your intranet?

By |7th October, 2014|

When I first came into the world of intranets, many organisations used to consider these tools internal websites. They were delivered to increase communication between the business and its employees.

Needless to say intranets have evolved. Now they are viewed as places for social collaboration, the sharing of ideas and knowledge – part of the digital workplace. When considering what an

21 August, 2014

Have you done your intranet homework?

By |21st August, 2014|

When I first meet with organisations to discuss their intranet needs, they frequently make assumptions about what their users want or need. What I always point out is how will you know what staff really want if you haven’t asked them? To make sure you get a site that truly works for your users I recommend doing some homework before

7 April, 2014

Selecting an intranet vendor

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Before you even consider an intranet supplier for your project, it’s absolutely vital that you have gathered information on the requirements of your users and have a firm understanding of what you want to achieve.

Once you’ve got to this stage, you’ll be ready to go through the process of selecting a supplier.

There are 3 main components (in no particular order)

18 December, 2013

Who owns your intranet project?

By |18th December, 2013|

It’s often the case that responsibility for an intranet project is given to one department, more often than not it’s the remit of Marketing or Human Resources.

Time and again I encounter organisations with communications focussed intranets. They have barrelled along with their project without discussing it with the rest of the business, and are left confused as to why they

Why Intranet Sponsors are Vital to Successful Intranets

By |9th December, 2013|

Time and time again, we see evidence that shows intranets without a senior level sponsor do not engage staff and achieve the objectives of the organisation.

After all most intranets, no matter how small, starts by someone justifying spending some time, effort and energy (and money) setting one up.So how does this happen?

In my experience this usually happens during one of

25 November, 2013

Is your intranet future proof?

By |25th November, 2013|

When I meet with organisations, I tend to find that for a lot of companies, their decision to invest in an intranet is something of a knee jerk reaction. Their biggest concern is addressing their existing business issues. This could be anything from changing working practices to communicate company news right through to locating documentation more easily.

Whatever the case, they

What can an intranet expert do for you?

By |14th November, 2013|

Even if you have a pretty good idea of how to plan an intranet project, having an expert’s advice can still be extremely useful. They’ll be able to share their experiences and provide you with insights into how other organisations have delivered their sites.

In my opinion, a good expert should possess the 3 ‘E’s


It’s important that you see examples of

31 October, 2013

How do you prioritise your intranet project?

By |31st October, 2013|

When introducing an intranet to an organisation, it can be very tempting to get a little carried away with regards to what you want to implement right away, especially when you’ve got lots of ideas.

When companies come to me saying they want big applications such as Expenses, E-learning or a CRM immediately, I advise them to take a step back