24 February, 2014

Growing your intranet

By |24th February, 2014|

A question that frequently crops up when I’m meeting with clients is ‘what can we do with our intranet?’ The answer to this question is simple. Your intranet platform is just your starting point, the possibilities you can achieve are endless. For many, the problem doesn’t lie in creating a site, but in generating new ideas to grow their site

21 October, 2013

Identifying intranet Return on Investment opportunities

By |21st October, 2013|

Whether you want to validate your intranet project or increase the impact of your existing site, a key ingredient for success is identifying opportunities to increase your ROI (Return on Investment). A good business case provides a compelling argument to your senior management team as to why an intranet is a necessary business tool. To ensure project sign off it’s

29 July, 2013

Improving discoverability of your intranet content

By |29th July, 2013|

Whether you’ve already got an intranet in place or you’re about to launch a new site, one challenge you’ll face will be getting staff to look at specific areas of content. I find that an effective way of encouraging employees to look around their site to discover new content is to provide them with an incentive. One way of getting

21 June, 2013

How do you make social features work for you?

By |21st June, 2013|

There’s much discussion regarding the importance of social features within modern intranets.  For many organisations it can be difficult to understand how they fit into their working environment. To give you some ideas, I thought I’d cover some of the ways companies I’ve worked with have used Microblogs to suit their organisation. Social pages Of course, there is the social

Going Mobile

By |12th June, 2013|

We recently held a very successful client event to celebrate the launch of Version 10. Not only was this a great opportunity to get our community of users together, it enabled us to show them some of the exciting new features we’ve implemented. One feature in particular that we highlighted was our new mobile capability. In response to the increasing

7 May, 2013

Inspiring our clients

By |7th May, 2013|

One of the main reasons we hold regular customer events is to provide fresh ideas and inspiration for our clients’ intranets. So it’s always great to see the end result when a client shows us the changes they’ve made to their site. One of our manufacturing clients did exactly that. They’d attended a recent event, and were fairly happy with

18 April, 2013

What happens after the launch?

By |18th April, 2013|

There’s often a focus on delivering an intranet, but what happens after you’ve launched your site? In my opinion, intranets need care and attention and to be successful they shouldn’t stand still. To keep up the momentum, it’s a good idea to set a review three months after your launch. It’s best to include your supplier in this meeting as

Introducing V10

By |9th April, 2013|

When I’m discussing the technical aspects of an intranet with clients, I get to witness firsthand the type of business issues they are trying to overcome with their site. This means I’m in a better position to provide feedback to our technical team on client expectations for intranet features and functionality. With the needs of our users in mind, we’ve

19 March, 2013

The end of the intranet upgrade?

By |19th March, 2013|

When I’m speaking to customers who have had their intranet for a little while, we often discuss refreshing their site. Recently, I’ve noticed a considerable change in the way clients want to approach this. Previously, a traditional upgrade was the norm, where the technology behind the site is updated, but the existing site structure remains essentially unchanged. I’m starting to

18 December, 2012

Wireframing Part 3 of 3 Validating your layout

By |18th December, 2012|

In my last post I discussed how you can create a layout and potential structure for your intranet with a paper prototype. If you want to validate your layout you may want to create an electronic wireframe. If that’s the case, I find a very effective way is to use specific wire framing software such as Axure. These are designed