4 March, 2013

What do you know about your CEO?

By |4th March, 2013|

For many organisations, the CEO can be a remote figurehead that staff have little interaction with.  To help familiarise employees with them, a growing number of CEOs are blogging through their intranet. Once you’ve created a blog it’s important that you consider exactly how you want to engage with staff. With this in mind I thought I’d provide a few

20 February, 2013

Effectively engaging your intranet audience

By |20th February, 2013|

When creating a new intranet, many organisations focus their efforts on the site’s design and which applications to include. Although these are important considerations, I think it’s equally important to plan how you want your staff to engage with their site. I find it’s a good idea to create a plan for the following: How staff are expected to engage

15 January, 2013

Implementing an intranet in a matter of days

By |15th January, 2013|

As a Project Manager, I’m used to working with a variety of companies both big and small, helping them to plan and implement their intranets. Every organisation has its own set of priorities and what they are looking to achieve. To help organisations discover their true intranet killer opportunities, we take our customers through a process which we refer to

27 June, 2012

Set yourself some weekly intranet goals

By |27th June, 2012|

Over the years, I have observed that intranet managers often have a tendency to focus their efforts on the long term intranet strategy.  As well as a long term strategy, it’s just as important to aim for some weekly goals. Think of your intranet as a person that needs regular care and attention to flourish. One of your aims is

When do you need intranet replication?

By |22nd June, 2012|

Over the years, we have deployed a number of intranets to organisations internationally. From a technical perspective, I’ve found that deploying these sites brings its own set of challenges. The biggest of these challenges is often the physical distance from servers in the UK to sites abroad. When you have offices based in locations such as the Far East, Australia

18 April, 2012

Are you moving into a new intranet?

By |18th April, 2012|

When implementing an intranet, you are faced with an important decision. Do you choose an out of the box product or a customisable solution? I like to think of this as the difference between buying a new house from a developer and consulting an architect to design a home. When you buy a house from a developer, the structure and

15 December, 2011

Selecting appropriate images for your intranet

By |15th December, 2011|

Selecting the right images for your intranet helps to put your intranet content into context. Imagery is a very powerful tool for portraying your brand. A picture or image can speak volumes about your organisation. They are as important if not more so than the text content of your intranet. Your Brand Guidelines will determine the type of images that

24 May, 2011

Migrating your content to your new intranet

By |24th May, 2011|

When a new intranet is being created, there are many things to consider. Ensuring that your intranet is user friendly, and in line with your business objectives are important considerations but what about content migration? When it comes to large organisations, their existing intranet could have a considerable amount of content that they wish to keep. This will need to