27 July, 2015

5 Steps to Completing a “Mini” Intranet Content Audit

By |27th July, 2015|

Our #intranetreview is picking up momentum this summer. So far those that are following us and using the summer months to take stock of their intranet have met with intranet contributors and talked about the review, invited colleagues to help, more than likely undertaken a survey to gauge high level insight into their intranet and finally interviewed some key stakeholders to

Top Tips for Intranet Stakeholder Interviews

By |21st July, 2015|

Stakeholder interviews enable you to build upon the results of your intranet end user survey. They are a great way of sense checking your survey results and identifying requirements.

I’m currently working with a client to plan and undertake stakeholder interviews to understand their intranet needs. A key part of reviewing your intranet is to meet with end users and understand

10 Steps to an Effective Company Intranet Review

By |14th July, 2015|

As part of our #intranetreview you may now have listened to your colleagues, met with your internal contributors and started to pull together your own employee intranet survey. If you haven’t started your intranet review yet but know you need to, then don’t worry you can use take this opportunity to start your planning. Although you may have already undertaken

Back to Basics: Revisiting your intranet objectives is a must

By |6th July, 2015|

So, you are all motivated to start reviewing your intranet’s performance but before rushing in why not visit your original objectives and the benefits you wanted to achieve and see how you think you are doing.

Most intranets come from a desire to change. There may have been (or may now be) a particular pain point that needed to be resolved

29 June, 2015

Intranet Insight -Stop, breathe and plan

By |29th June, 2015|

Intranet Insight – Stop, breathe and plan

Many organisations are now at the end of Q2 and naturally reviewing and planning for the remainder of the year. If you are responsible for your company intranet, taking a moment to breathe and see how your intranet is doing is a popular past time at this time of year.

If you know that your

Intranet Research – Are you listening?

By |18th June, 2015|

We all have those moments when we are embarking on a new project or reviewing our existing services when the thought of having to undertake research of any kind is either overwhelming or just seemingly impossible due to the time we think it will take to complete. I read a great comment recently about how only “Brave Intranet Managers” take

2 February, 2015

What content should go on my intranet?

By |2nd February, 2015|

Content is everywhere, I mean everywhere. You may have heard Eric Schmidt from Google say back in 2010 that every two days we now create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. And guess what, that pace has only intensified.

The driving force behind this is ‘user generated’ or ‘social’ content, content that people

16 December, 2014

7 tips to creating an effective intranet steering committee

By |16th December, 2014|

Ensuring effective intranet governance is often one of the big oversights of any intranet project. Many intranets are ‘installed’ to solve a problem – to increase communication, grow awareness of business issues, centralise documentation or to streamline processes. Once the intranet has been delivered, problem solved, the business can now move on to the next project.

The real problem is that

20 November, 2014

Managing documents in the digital workplace

By |20th November, 2014|

There’s no doubt about it, the way that we interact with our organisation’s intranet has changed. Employees are much more likely to comment on news stories, rate content and actively participate in discussions. The wider adoption and acceptance of social media has played a large part in this shift, acceptance from both the people within the organisation and the business

Is your intranet beautiful?

By |4th November, 2014|

I recently attended one of our intranet showcases that we were running in London where different designs of intranets were shown and analysed. As an observer it was interesting to me to see individual reactions from the showcase audience to the designs that were being discussed.

We saw some radically different layouts, with different imagery and content. As you would expect