1 September, 2015

Intranet Benefits: Back to Basics #intranetkickstart

By |1st September, 2015|

So, you have decided to take the step to pull together a business case with the aim of gaining internal senior support for your intranet redesign. Thinking about your intranet benefits is a great place to start and over the next few weeks we will take you through the intranet journey that we have created based on working with hundreds

26 August, 2015

Why Emotion Shouldn’t be Ignored When Creating Engaging Intranet Content.

By |26th August, 2015|

In these modern times getting people to use your intranet is not about software although it’s a good enabler. It’s not about tricking people also known as design for evil, or promising content. Its about good content. Is that it you say? People have been going on about that for years. Engaging intranet content is king people say and you

Intranet Review Completed – Now What?!

By |26th August, 2015|

Congratulations on completing your intranet review! You may now have a list of prioritised actions, which you have gathered through reviewing your intranet content, stakeholder interviews, surveys and site statistics. You have an active and supportive network of intranet contributors and your intranet sponsor is expecting an update following your review. Now what?

Your intranet review may have generated a range of software,

How to Make Sense of Intranet Feedback

By |18th August, 2015|

So, you have spent the summertime reviewing your intranet and following the steps that we have talked about each week. If you have been following us you may well by now have a lot of intranet feedback, ideas and stakeholder insight as to how your current intranet is performing and a list of areas that could be improved upon.

If you

Why Intranet Sponsors are critical to a successful intranet

By |12th August, 2015|

Your summer intranet review is going really well you have uncovered lots of interesting feedback, interviewed some key stakeholders and looked at your intranet statistics. With your list of actions, you are inevitably starting to think about how you go about progressing this and where to start.

Before we start to look at your options it’s important to think about your

27 July, 2015

5 Steps to Completing a “Mini” Intranet Content Audit

By |27th July, 2015|

Our #intranetreview is picking up momentum this summer. So far those that are following us and using the summer months to take stock of their intranet have met with intranet contributors and talked about the review, invited colleagues to help, more than likely undertaken a survey to gauge high level insight into their intranet and finally interviewed some key stakeholders to

Top Tips for Intranet Stakeholder Interviews

By |21st July, 2015|

Stakeholder interviews enable you to build upon the results of your intranet end user survey. They are a great way of sense checking your survey results and identifying requirements.

I’m currently working with a client to plan and undertake stakeholder interviews to understand their intranet needs. A key part of reviewing your intranet is to meet with end users and understand

10 Steps to an Effective Company Intranet Review

By |14th July, 2015|

As part of our #intranetreview you may now have listened to your colleagues, met with your internal contributors and started to pull together your own employee intranet survey. If you haven’t started your intranet review yet but know you need to, then don’t worry you can use take this opportunity to start your planning. Although you may have already undertaken

Back to Basics: Revisiting your intranet objectives is a must

By |6th July, 2015|

So, you are all motivated to start reviewing your intranet’s performance but before rushing in why not visit your original objectives and the benefits you wanted to achieve and see how you think you are doing.

Most intranets come from a desire to change. There may have been (or may now be) a particular pain point that needed to be resolved

29 June, 2015

Intranet Insight -Stop, breathe and plan

By |29th June, 2015|

Intranet Insight – Stop, breathe and plan

Many organisations are now at the end of Q2 and naturally reviewing and planning for the remainder of the year. If you are responsible for your company intranet, taking a moment to breathe and see how your intranet is doing is a popular past time at this time of year.

If you know that your